This is why I haven’t blogged in a week:

I've been busy posing for a photo series entitled "Most Attractive Beach Portraits Ever"


Also, in between my numerous modeling engagements, my parents rented a house on Marco Island and treated us to a beach vacation before the Ogre took off to teach his summer course in Vegas. The vacation was divine, we’re all properly sunburned and exhausted, the Ogre is safely ensconced in Sin City and my parents are going back to Texas today. Be back later for real bloggery!



  • http://camppatton.com Grace

    Ha! You look adorable!

    Excited for your e-return though!

  • Mary

    You’re a super-cute pregnant lady!

  • http://www.eafromtheheart.blogspot.com Maggie @ From the Heart

    Super duper jealous… My mom took a picture of me in the pool with my back turned and I looked ginormo!

    • calahalexander

      Doubt it, Maggie! I always feel like that when I see pregnant pics of me while I’m still pregnant, but then I look back after the baby and think, “I didn’t look that bad! I just looked pregnant!”

  • http://grace-filled.net jen

    love the beach pic and love the baby bump!

  • Elizabeth Scalia

    YOu look adorable and better pregnant than I do not pregnant.

    • calahalexander

      I highly doubt that! I literally bottomed out on a sandbar while I was swimming. There I was, swimming along, and my stomach hit the sand bar and I came to a dead stop. Lessons in humiliation.