A Scheduled Birthday

With my past three kids, I’ve always avoided inductions. They’ve obligingly arrived early, the latest being Charlotte, who was born on her due date. But wee little Lincoln is going to have a scheduled birthday: Saturday, September 22, 2012. Unless I go into labor today or tomorrow, that is.

Yes, I am gritting my teeth and telling the Ogre to take the damn picture, already.

That’s me, 38 1/2 weeks pregnant. And that’s Lincoln, way too cozy in my uterus, refusing to come out and peeing too much. Those are the doctor’s words, not mine. My fluid levels went back up this week and she said, “I think he’s just peeing a lot. But let’s get him out, just to make sure.” Hmm. So I agreed.

It’s weirding me out to have a planned birthday. I’ve always played this little game with myself when I get close to my due date, picking out which date I think the baby will be born on. (I’m always wrong, of course.) But if feels unnatural and kind of wrong to actually know ahead of time. It’s like the biggest spoiler ever. Nevertheless, the doctor thinks the baby needs to come out, so come out he shall. I’m just really, really hoping the induction takes and we don’t have to resort to a C-section.

To cheer myself up, I googled September 22 after a friend told me that our little hobbit will be sharing a birthday with Bilbo and Frodo, which is cool but not nearly as cool as it would be if he were sharing a birthday with Legolas. He’ll also be sharing a birthday with Billie Piper, better known as

A Rose by any other name

My neighbor told me that the 22nd is also the feast day of St. Thomas of Villanueva, so that’s cool. It’s also the day Ben Johnson killed a man in a duel, Queen Victoria ascended to the throne, and it’s “Trumpet Day” for the Mormons, the day that Joseph Smith reported receiving the Golden Plates from the angel Moroni. Auspicious beginnings, indeed.

For me, though, it’s going to be the day that I try and deal with Pitocin contractions (otherwise known as torture, hell, and @#%#$ torture among experienced child-birthers) and seriously hope that Lincoln cooperates and arrives before Doctor Who comes on, and that the hospital gets BBC America. Yes, those are my primary concerns, after, of course, having a healthy baby and avoiding a C-section. I’d really appreciate any prayers you guys could toss up on our behalf. I probably won’t be blogging tomorrow since I need to clean the house, go to confession and get a pedicure, but I promise to blog with pictures as soon as the little man makes his appearance.

(Unless he’s a particularly ugly baby, in which case I’ll update with some story about how our cameras all stopped working at the same time.)

I feel like I should say something dramatic now, like “See you on the other side!” Or I could go with super-cool and laid back: “Catch you on the flip side, bro.” (What can I say? The last time I was cool it was the late 90′s.) Or maybe I could go international: “Ciao, ragazzi!” I can’t decide. Take your pick.


  • http://joewetterling.com Joe Wetterling

    You’re in our prayers.
    We’re all looking forward to seeing pictures of little Lincoln Bilbo Rose Alexander.

    • calahalexander

      I’m so changing his middle names now. That’s the best baby name ever.

  • K

    Saying a prayer for you that you won’t need to be induced and that the labour and delivery go well.
    That is a fantastic full term picture, you look great!

  • M Pelletier

    You’re beautiful! And praying that Lincoln decides to come out in his own time…..tonight or tomorrow that it! Love you all! Can’t wait to see pics.

  • Mary S.

    While you are out getting a pedicure, see if you can get a foot massage. They’re great for helping induce labor. I got one when I was overdue, and I kid you not, I went into labor less than a day later.

  • Jenny

    I’m induced with mine because of precipitous labor. It does feel unnatural and wrong, but it’s better than having a baby on the side of the interstate which would be a distinct possibility with me. I’ve had a pitocin induction without pain killers, but the doctor put me on a pretty slow drip so it was manageable. Kinda. I’ve also been induced by just having my water broken. Way better than the pitocin. See if that’s an option for you…

    I’ll say a prayer for you and baby!

  • Ted Seeber

    I never watch Dr. Who live, that’s why God invented the DVR.

    • calahalexander

      We don’t have a DVR! We don’t even have a TV because my husband knows how much I love TV and how neglected his children would be if we have one. We watch everything online a day later. I’m really excited about the possibility of watching Doctor Who on an actual television.

  • http://a-star-of-hope.blogspot.com JoAnna

    Prayers for a safe & uncomplicated delivery!

  • http://www.the-mother-load.blogspot.com Aimee

    Hopefully it will be a non-issue because you will go into labor on your own, but I have been induced 5 times in a row thus far, and I am fully expecting to have to be induced in December with our 7th little one. I’ve only gone into labor once on my own and that was with my first, 13 long years ago. I’ve been induced every which way a person can be induced, and I know that pitocin must have been invented by the devil. I can also tell you that all five of my inductions have gone exactly as planned, so it is possible to have an induction that goes smoothly. And that’s what I’ll pray for with you! A nice smooth induction and BBC America in the hospital. God bless you!

    PS: all of my inductions were due to post-dates, most of them at 2 weeks post due-date, but both my sons also had high fluid levels. What is it with the boys and all their pee?! In fact, with my first son, they needed to call housekeeping for a mop and bucket after my water broke. I know that’s too much to share, but I’m just telling you to let those nurses know you’re going to need some extra towels.

  • http://scrutinies.net Dorian Speed

    Calah, you’ll be in my prayers. If you DO end up with a c-section, I know you’ll be disappointed, but it will go okay. And if you do have a c-section, here are my tips:
    1. Don’t drink from a straw,
    2. Press a pillow onto your incision whenever you need to get out of bed, etc., as it holds things together while you’re healing, and
    3. Bike shorts, while not necessarily the best fashion choice for postpartum mothers, are wonderfully supportive for keeping your incision in one place while you heal.

    Cue “the more you know” music.

  • http://grace-filled.net jen

    Praying all goes well and the c-section isn’t necessary. If it is, you’ll figure out what to do but we’ll just cross fingers and toes that it doesn’t even merit consideration.