I keep trying to write the Pitocin/birth/black-out story but every time I sit down I fall asleep. No joke. We were in the hospital an extra day because Lincoln was jaundiced, and the phototherapy lights required a rigid schedule of nursing with pumping in between, plus tons of discussions with the nurses and doctors, so I think I got a total of 8 hours of sleep in the three days I was in the hospital after the baby was born. I guess I was running on adrenaline, because I didn’t feel too tired then, but now I feel like a zombie. Even after a solid 8 hours of sleep last night, I’ve had to fight to keep my eyes open anytime I haven’t been moving today. After dozing off four times while trying to write one sentence, I decided that the post was not going to happen today. So in lieu of a good story, here’s a good picture!

The minions meet Lincoln

Oh okay, here’s one more:

Liam and his brother “Baby Linky”

Liam shocked us all by transforming into the world’s most devoted older brother immediately upon meeting his little brother. He spends all of his waking hours either holding the baby (aided greatly by the Boppy Pillow), begging to hold the baby, or crying because he’s been told he can’t hold the baby. He also constantly tries to give Lincoln his cars and sings “Rock-a-Bye, Baby” to him. Lincoln is asleep in a Moses basket right now, surrounded by Hot Wheels.

Sleep deprivation aside, we’re doing really well and quickly  adjusting to life as a family of six. I’m hoping to get in bed early tonight and write the long-awaited post in the morning with a cup of coffee as my ally, so until then, have a happy Friday!

  • Ted Seeber

    I figure you’ll be doing well to tell your Halloween story when Ogre takes the minions out Trick-or-Treating in between Linky answering the door- that is if Liam doesn’t dress Linky’s stroller up as R2D2 and take him Trick-or-Treating as well.

  • TracyKM

    Adorable! It’s so nice when the baby becomes the big sibling and actually enjoys it.
    How the heck do you get a solid 8hours of sleep with a newborn?! That’s incredible! My boobs would have exploded though LOL.

  • Dan F.

    Come on now Calah, no new post yet? What could you possibly be doing that’s more important than meeting my need to be distracted and entertained? It’s now the 4th day since you pushed that kid out – that’s plenty of rest and relaxation. Back to work!

    … and just in case the exhaustion has interfered with your ability to read sarcasm (a real danger as I have found) the previous paragraph was sarcastic. Your children are beautiful. Congratulations, good luck and try to get a bit of sleep (if you can). :)