Thanksgiving Miracle

Our Thanksgiving was lovely, and was capped off with a seriously un-lovely cold that mostly skipped right over the mobile children and felled the Ogre, Lincoln and I like pine trees at Christmastime. I’m actually going on day 2 in the same pajamas, surrounded by tissues, tea and orange juice, and once again thanking God that I have my very own nebulizer to use on just such occasions like this, when breathing is so difficult that putting  my hair in a ponytail leaves me gasping for air.

But the day after Thanksgiving, a package arrived. In this package was the catalyst for a Thanksgiving miracle. Honest to God, I screamed when the Ogre pulled it out of the package. It is the single most amazing baby gift that anyone has ever sent us. Most of all, because it transformed Lincoln from this:

Angry Lincoln

to this:

Happy Lincoln

And that, my friends, is the gift. Right there. A friggin’ TARDIS blanket.

Right? Right?

Lincoln loves it. And I’m not kidding, in the four days since we got the blanket, he’s gone from being Angry McAngrypants anytime he’s not sleeping (and yeah, he was even angry whilst eating) to being happy. Genuinely, heart-breakingly happy.

Before, this was our routine: I would feed him, and he would fuss and bob his head and let out occasional screams, then I would burp him, while he screamed, then I would try to soothe him while he screamed, then he would fall asleep whimpering and occasionally let out a little sleepy scream. Now, I feed him, and he mostly eats pretty happily, then I burp him, then I hold him and look at him and he looks back and smiles at me. Then I’ll talk to him in a ridiculously high-pitched tone, using mostly nonsensical phrases, and then when I fall silent he’ll look at me with these wide, dark-lashed, beautiful blue eyes, shrug his tiny shoulders, and say, “aahhh-goo” and I’ll squeal in delight and tell him he’s the cutest most adorable smartest best baby who was ever born in the whole wide world yes he is, and he’ll laugh. I’m not kidding, the kid laughs now. Here, I’ll prove it:

That’s Liam, cuddling up next to him.


And it’s all because of Doctor Who.

(I’ve also stopped eating dairy, but I’m pretty sure that’s beside the point.)

The transforming blanket was made by Charlotte of Waltzing Matilda, and you can read her post about the blankets here. You can also comment and tell her how completely brilliant she is for making the most awesome baby blanket that has ever existed, because she is, and it is.

In honor of the magical powers of the TARDIS baby blanket, the kids and I had a Doctor Who marathon this weekend. We started with the advent of David Tennant, because Christopher Eccleston is my favorite doctor ever and I actually know every single episode by heart and have no need to re-watch them, and made it all the way through the overly dramatic yet tear-jerking demise of Rose and well into the teeth-grittingly-pathetic unrequited love of Martha. It’s really difficult for me to watch Season 3, because Martha (who is, oddly enough, probably the only companion I would actually like in real life and is certainly the most heroic) is my least favorite companion. It’s just so sad to see her making puppy dog eyes at the Doctor, and after about three episodes I really wanted to fast-forward to the refreshing lack of frustrated desire that Donna brings to the series. But I”m going to continue, because…I don’t know why. Because I feel like I should, I guess. Watching David Tennant made me realize how much I miss him as the Doctor, though. I’ve gotten used to Matt Smith, and I even like him sometimes, but David Tennant was so fun. Matt Smith isn’t nearly as much fun. He’s quirkier, but lately the show has gotten so heavy that I’ve wanted to throttle Stephen Moffat. Bring back fast-paced, fun, witty dialogue! Stop making every episode revolve around some new, totally not-at-all surprising “revelation” about the Doctor’s character! Stop creating awkward, nonsensical plots to serve a purpose (I’m looking at you, The Angels Take Manhattan) and try to remember how you used to make actual good episodes that could stand on their own (Blink, Silence in the Library, anyone?)! Stop destroying River Song! Actually, just go away, Stephen Moffat. You kind of suck now. Stick with Sherlock.

Okay. I’m done rambling about Doctor Who. Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you the story of how this weekend I went to confession and instead of actually confessing my sins I mostly just cried. I feel really bad for the priest. I think I should send him a fruit basket or something. Happy Monday, and I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

  • Elizabeth

    Going dairy-free stinks, but wow does it make a world of difference!
    What makes a tardis blanket special?

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  • Elizabeth Scalia

    I know nothing at all about Dr. Who or what a tardis blanket is, but I am so glad Lincoln is finally happy, comfy, making eye contact and laughing. Praise God.

  • Karen

    I have a 12 year old who loves to pretend he’s The Doctor. I still think David Tennant is the best doctor ever, ever, ever. I can’t even watch Matt Smith, I don’t know why, but my husband says he can’t watch Smith because Smith’s massive browshelf is just too distracting. So glad Lincoln is feeling better. We have a little one who has the middle name Abraham, in honor of Pres. Lincoln. :)

  • Bonnie

    1st – I hope you feel well soon, Calah.
    2nd – I loved the part about giving up dairy but you’re still certain it’s the blanket.
    3rd – Thank you for talking so much about Dr. Who. I finally started watching it on Netflix and I’m really enjoying it. So yay for BBC Wales!

  • Courtney F.

    Obviously the TARDIS blanket helped–direct line of communication to the Doctor (who, after all, speaks Baby!). My husband and I started watching the show this summer, and we’re almost caught up. We just started season 7. I’ve found so much to love about the show–the Doctor’s whole “I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important” mindset is so wonderful (and so implicitly pro-life!). But sometimes I feel like that sort of thing must sneak out when Moffat or another writer is caffeine-deprived, because it runs so clearly counter to the views with which they often try to cudgel the audience. For instance, it drives me nuts when they add a “…and (s)he’s gay!” line for a minor character, when that information has nothing to do with the plot or circumstances of the story (as in Gridlock, A Good Man Goes to War). It’s not even the morality question that bugs me (I loved Jack Harkness), it’s that it’s so obviously and awkwardly shoe-horned in. Please tell me I’m not the only one thinking, “Bad writers! No biscuit!”

    • Karen

      That’s exactly what I hated about Jack Harkness’ character. Honestly, if we’re not supposed to care who’s gay and who’s not, why trumpet it from the rooftops? If they don’t want gay people defined by their gay-ness, why is their being gay so important?

      • Courtney F.

        I could tolerate the trumpeting in the Captain’s case, if only because he’s such a flamboyant character, who uses sex appeal in every instance to get what he wants. At least with him, there was a some reason for the information to be given to us. When it’s just a throwaway character though, it just seems like a cheap, hack-y decision to score “diversity” points.

  • Jocelyn

    Oh, I am so, so, so happy that Lincoln is happier. I had been wondering if cutting out dairy or wheat or something would help, but didn’t get commenting about it… (or really know how to suggest it… ) Yay for baby not hurting and crying so much!! I hope you are feeling better soon!!!

  • Lena

    I was getting worried about you being all depressed and thought you weren’t posting due to hospitalization. Glad you were enjoying your baby and television and the phone booth blanket instead. Yay for happy babies! And I hope you get over your cold soon.

  • Jane Hartman

    I think crying is good for you. One of your tears before the Blessed Sacrament or in persona Christi is worth more than a thousand otherwise. Bless your heart and I pray that you’re well soon.

  • Tracie

    Does Baby Lincoln prefer to be called Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All like Craig and Sophie’s baby in the “Closing Time” episode? :) I wonder if he also calls you Big Milk Thing like Melody Pond did.