Christmas Eve Eve

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Now that our two December birthdays are out of the way, I can finally get in the Christmas spirit! And behold, I have tons and tons of stuff to do to make Christmas happen in two days. So. I’m writing a blog post instead, naturally.

Liam has been walking around the house for the last two days singing, “He EEEES yew when yew leeping, he EEES yew when yew wake, he EEES yew when yew bad or good…” and then he starts over because those are the only lines he knows. It’s sort of adorable but he also seems to be a little frightened of Santa, since he’ll sing the song while being naughty and then look around with wary eyes, as if expecting a lump of coal to drop out of the sky and take him down. I think he’s confusing Santa with

Because that is terrifying.

Lincoln has decided to morph into a happy baby for Christmas!

Nope, just kidding. He’s still the Angriest Baby. I keep repeating to myself “next year he’ll be one, next year he’ll be one” like some sort of Buddhist mantra. One is the best baby age. I love one-year-olds.

As if proving my “Lincoln is Angry Baby” point, Lincoln just morphed from slightly fussy baby to Bebe Furioso, so this post is no longer happening.Here, have a video instead.

It’s Christmas lights, Gangnam Style!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!


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