Time Lord’s Choice

Among the many wonderful Christmas gifts we received from friends and family this year were these totally awesome accessories for Liam:

Check out the shoes. My nod to David Tennant. Sadly I couldn’t find a tiny leather jacket.

Right? Right? It’s a bow tie and a FEZ. A freaking FEZ. Yes the italics and caps lock are necessary because IT’S A BOW TIE AND A FEZ AND MY KID IS LIKE A MINI DOCTOR WHO AND MY LIFE IS NOW COMPLETE!

Seriously. Coolest gift since the TARDIS blanket from Charlotte.

The creator of this brilliant gift is our friend from ye olde University of Dallas, Rigel Rilling. Not only is he the most awesome King Nerd of Nerd Mountain, but he also has an Etsy shop to prove it. I wish I had a scanner so I could scan his business card and show you, but alas, I don’t. I’ll just give you the boring info instead.

His shop is called Time Lord’s Choice, and he sells fine quality cotton bow ties. Here is the link so you can order your own bow tie and fez and be as cool as my kid!

Seriously, you should all know by now that bow ties are cool, and fezzes are cool, and you won’t be cool unless you have both. So go. Buy a fez and a bow tie. And thank me later.

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