Conversations with the Ogre

Me: “I hate it when people say, ‘I married my best friend.’ That’s so annoying. You and I didn’t even like each other!”

The Ogre: “I still don’t like you.”


  • Cheryl

    You two are so cute! : )

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  • Kristen

    That is so awesome! :) I somehow did marry my best friend. Or least the only other human who didn’t want to kill me within five minutes of meeting me.

    • bearing

      Ha! I think I will have to reuse that line :-)

  • Jay C
  • kayleen

    Love it! Sometimes I publish convos Mike and I have on gmail chat throughout the day. I’m always asking when he’s coming to pick up the kids so I can eat my bon bons and watch The Bachelor.

  • unapologetic catholic

    There is a secret level of commuication that can go on between spouses that superfically appears insulting but is actually a profession of love.

    I really enjoy reading these.

    • Kate

      I know it’s supposed to be (I hope) sardonic, but I guess since I’m middle-aged and married to my best friend, I don’t get current Catholic snarkey, jaded professions of love. The advice were giving to our kids is that a potential spouse should be a friend first and someone you can laugh with (not at). I’m reading Dr. Popcak’s “The Exceptional Seven Percent” so maybe I’m just a fuddy-duddy, high achiever. I am soooo un-cool.

  • RM

    This put a real smile on my face because I can really relate to this!