Goodbye, Papa B

Liam and I are snuggled up in my big chair in the sitting room, watching Pope Benedict fly to Castel Gandolfo. I cried, watching him shuffle gingerly down that hallway. I will miss him so much, but seeing how frail he is and how exhausted he looks, I can’t help but thank God for allowing him to depart like this. Whatever difficulties await him in his solitude and prayer as Pope Emeritus, at least he can rest, physically, a bit. At least he can find some silence, maybe. At least he can retire from the world stage in quiet dignity instead of growing ever weaker while still being firmly fixed in the crosshairs of the world.

God bless you, Papa B. I will miss you so. And God bless the conclave, and our new Pope, whoever he is.

  • Sarah

    I have never heard that particular quote from Papa B. Thank you for sharing it. And welcome back. I was concerned when you didn’t post for over a week! Missed your humor, wittiness, and insight.