The Aftermath of Cupid, In Haiku

She loved at first sight.

He, appalled by her reading

of Henry V,

Resolved to correct.

Somehow ended up married.

She still reads it wrong.

Eight years later.

Sienna, home sick

Valentines on the counter

she sits forlornly.

Dozens of cookies

intended for first-graders

Lenten temptation.

A new dress from Dad

for the father-daughter dance

hangs in her closet.

Dance is tomorrow.

She checks her temperature

every five minutes.

Contingency plans

meager. Elementary

heartbreak is a thing.

“Fool-proof solution:

chocolate and a movie”.

Not for her. Helpless.


A baby, wailing.

A daughter, devastated.

Two toddlers fighting.


only because these days it

is ordinary.

On the other hand

Roses from an Ogre are


And Lent or no Lent,

these cookies are delicious.

Thank God for mercy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!





  • Elizabeth Scalia

    Very cute!

  • Barb

    How do you have the brain power to do this on top of everything else?! You don’t give yourself enough credit. I am continually inspired by all of your posts even when you think you’re doing horribly. If I knew a cool Dr. Who insider joke I’d insert it here.

  • Rose

    Awww I hope she gets better in time for the dance! I’ll say a prayer to St. Gianna for her. :)

  • Dan F.

    well done sweet bloggess
    A sick child leaves not much time
    for writing sweet wit

  • Cheryl

    Creative minds like yours are underrated. I hope Sienna gets well soon, and I hope she dances.

  • Jane Hartman

    So cute!