Conversations with the Ogre: Ladyhawke vs Back to the Future


The Ogre: “Let’s have a family movie night.”

Me: “Ooooh yeah, let’s watch Back to the Future!”

The Ogre: “Really? I was thinking Ladyhawke.”

Me, internally: Oh kill me now.

The Ogre: “Don’t you think they’ll be a little….I dunno…bored with Back to the Future?”

Me, externally: “Are you serious? As opposed to Ladyhawke?!?”

The Ogre: “Ladyhawke has knights and magic and stuff.”

Me: “Babe, I was bored watching Ladyhawke.”

The Ogre: “That’s because you have no taste.”

Me: “Oh, really? So in the debate between Ladyhawke and Back to the Future, Ladyhawke wins because I have no taste? I don’t think so. Let’s ask the internet.”

The Ogre: “Like I give a crap what the internet thinks.”

Me: “But I do.”


What say you, internet? Who’s the one with the dearth of taste here?

PS: In case you’re confused, internet, this poster

is the most interesting thing about Ladyhawke.

  • ama

    I enjoyed Ladyhawke much more the second time around. And just what does Lent have to do with choosing one over the other?

  • Farawaymum

    I loved both movies when I was a teenager. Neither are wholly appropriate for the under-10 set and likely they will find it boring as well (esp. Ladyhawke which is more of a romance than action film). I suggest Hayao Miyazaki’s “My Neighbour Totoro”.

  • Bryan

    This is easy: _Ladyhawke_. Matthew Broderick doing his chatter-schtick, Rutger doing his strong slient thing, Michelle being Michelle. Awesome. And the exchange with the friar:

    ” I have a hawk.”
    “Excellent! Bring it in, we’ll have supper.”
    “We can’t eat this hawk!”
    “Oh, damn! Is it lent already?”

    • The TeaCat

      What he said.

  • federoff11

    All the kids over 8 years old in my house (that would be 6 of ‘em) could NOT get past the synthesized 80′s music in Ladyhawke. ESPECIALLY when it blasted loudly during odd times in the movie. They were all laughing so hard, we had to turn the movie off.

  • Kristen

    For me, no question, Back to the Future. Because of the music in Ladyhawke. Totally never watching that movie again (although I loved it as a kid) because of the music.

  • Dan F.

    I really don’t know not having seen LadyHawke. I would probably pick Ladyhawke so I could say I’d seen it.

    Also, btw, I know that you just had a baby and all but seriously, I need some more blog posts. Otherwise I might actually have to do my job instead of snorting coffee through my nose at the hilarity with which your posts often open and then reaching for a tissue by the time you get to your conclusion. You’re pretty awesome Calah (says a random internet stranger) – I hope this brightens your day. :)

  • Becca

    I like both but Back to the Future is by the far the better movie. There’s a reason it is a classic. It is one of my very favorite movie. Just tell the Ogre…think McFly, think!