Conversations with the Ogre: Ladyhawke vs Back to the Future


The Ogre: “Let’s have a family movie night.”

Me: “Ooooh yeah, let’s watch Back to the Future!”

The Ogre: “Really? I was thinking Ladyhawke.”

Me, internally: Oh kill me now.

The Ogre: “Don’t you think they’ll be a little….I dunno…bored with Back to the Future?”

Me, externally: “Are you serious? As opposed to Ladyhawke?!?”

The Ogre: “Ladyhawke has knights and magic and stuff.”

Me: “Babe, I was bored watching Ladyhawke.”

The Ogre: “That’s because you have no taste.”

Me: “Oh, really? So in the debate between Ladyhawke and Back to the Future, Ladyhawke wins because I have no taste? I don’t think so. Let’s ask the internet.”

The Ogre: “Like I give a crap what the internet thinks.”

Me: “But I do.”


What say you, internet? Who’s the one with the dearth of taste here?

PS: In case you’re confused, internet, this poster

is the most interesting thing about Ladyhawke.

  • Rebecca @ Shoved to Them

    Back to the Future. No contest.

  • Leila

    This is a rhetorical question, right? The answer is obviously Back to the Future!

  • GeekLady

    They’re both pretty bad, but Ladyhawke is way worse. Fantasy has greater potential than science fiction, which is irreparably bound to the time in which it was written. Fantasy can reach out to the eternal, which makes bad fantasy a greater blow than bad sci fi.

  • Michele

    Back to the Future is awesome!!! And it has sequels that are actually decent!!

  • Ian

    From a “what’s the message of the movie” perspective, Back to the Future is worse but my memory of Ladyhawke was irreparably damaged when I saw it a few years ago and had to listen to the soundtrack.

  • Anna

    Don’t ask us. Ask The Jerk over at Simcha’s. It even includes the original Dignarees picture.
    But I warn you, some loony in the combox was quite miffed on Rutger Hauer’s behalf.

  • Mary Emily

    I’m with the Ogre. Ladyhawke is better. But both of them kind of suck.

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  • Also a Mom

    Sorry. True Love wins. Though, speaking of True Love, you should give them both a pass and watch the Princess Bride.

  • Alexis

    Back to the Future! For the record, I didn’t know what LadyHawke was so I started watching the trailer on YouTube. I couldn’t even finish the tailer.