Conversations with the Ogre: Ladyhawke vs Back to the Future


The Ogre: “Let’s have a family movie night.”

Me: “Ooooh yeah, let’s watch Back to the Future!”

The Ogre: “Really? I was thinking Ladyhawke.”

Me, internally: Oh kill me now.

The Ogre: “Don’t you think they’ll be a little….I dunno…bored with Back to the Future?”

Me, externally: “Are you serious? As opposed to Ladyhawke?!?”

The Ogre: “Ladyhawke has knights and magic and stuff.”

Me: “Babe, I was bored watching Ladyhawke.”

The Ogre: “That’s because you have no taste.”

Me: “Oh, really? So in the debate between Ladyhawke and Back to the Future, Ladyhawke wins because I have no taste? I don’t think so. Let’s ask the internet.”

The Ogre: “Like I give a crap what the internet thinks.”

Me: “But I do.”


What say you, internet? Who’s the one with the dearth of taste here?

PS: In case you’re confused, internet, this poster

is the most interesting thing about Ladyhawke.

  • Josh

    @Anna – You beat me to it with the link. Thanks for the tip on the Hauer fan in the combox. She left that combox gold well after the original post, so I missed it. I enjoyed reading it. I love how The Jerk lives up to his name and cuts no slack.

  • Karen

    I actually like both movies, but I think your kids are a little young for either. I’d go with something from Pixar; either “A Bugs Life” or “Finding Nemo.”

  • Lisa

    Ladyhawke all the way. “What? Is it lent already?” and little baby Matthew Broderick? Priceless.

  • Nancy

    Go for The Princess Bride! My mother-in-law had a nightmare after watching Ladyhawke — she thought my father-in-law was a wolf, and tried to strangle him, and they both woke up with her hands around his neck! True story. So it’s in Ogre’s best interest that you not be forced to watch it.

  • Karen

    No to both. I like Back to the Future better, but I hate hate hate Marty’s mom trying to flirt with him and taking his pants off and Biff nearly raping her. Plus the time travel thing is confusing even to my six and eight year olds ..instead I’d show The Princess Bride. There are exactly two “bad” words in it and it’s just a wonderful movie.

    • Anna

      I agree with you, both about the whole attempted rape scene being too intense for young kids and about the Princess Bride being a better movie!

  • Joke Vermanen

    I have never seen Ladyhawk, but I did see back to the future… boring…

  • Jane Hartman

    How about Nanny McPhee?

  • David J. White

    I like both movies for different reasons, but one strike against Ladyhawke is that the villain is an evil bishop.

    I second the recommendation of The Princess Bride!

  • Nobody

    Either way, get used to disappointment.

  • Pnkn

    old version of lion, witch, wardrobe. after all, it’s Lent.