Conversations with the Ogre: Ladyhawke vs Back to the Future


The Ogre: “Let’s have a family movie night.”

Me: “Ooooh yeah, let’s watch Back to the Future!”

The Ogre: “Really? I was thinking Ladyhawke.”

Me, internally: Oh kill me now.

The Ogre: “Don’t you think they’ll be a little….I dunno…bored with Back to the Future?”

Me, externally: “Are you serious? As opposed to Ladyhawke?!?”

The Ogre: “Ladyhawke has knights and magic and stuff.”

Me: “Babe, I was bored watching Ladyhawke.”

The Ogre: “That’s because you have no taste.”

Me: “Oh, really? So in the debate between Ladyhawke and Back to the Future, Ladyhawke wins because I have no taste? I don’t think so. Let’s ask the internet.”

The Ogre: “Like I give a crap what the internet thinks.”

Me: “But I do.”


What say you, internet? Who’s the one with the dearth of taste here?

PS: In case you’re confused, internet, this poster

is the most interesting thing about Ladyhawke.

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