The Chronicles of Henry

I’m sure you all remember wee Henry, the Ukranian special-needs orphan who was adopted by the Dobrovits family in 2011 and who died last year from a massive post-op infection.

It has been a painful year for Henry’s family, and especially for his mama, Carla. Yet I have never witnessed someone still be so thoughtful of others and so compassionate and giving, even in the wake of a shattering loss, as Carla has been. She is an amazing woman, and I don’t say that lightly. I hope that I can learn to have a fraction of her unselfish, generous spirit one day.

Yesterday, she announced that their family had decided to adopt again, this time a sibling group with a special-needs baby.

Susan, Edmond and Lucy

I imagine this is something like a miracle to those three. Sibling groups already have a lower chance of being adopted together, and the baby’s special needs significantly diminish those odds. This is another example of the grace that flowed from the Dobrovits’ decision to adopt little Henry, adding to the legacy that little Henry left behind.

If you’d like to donate to their adoption fund, you can go directly to Reese’s Rainbow, or you can go to Carla’s blog.


  • Teresa Thompson

    The kids are named after the Pevensies? Very cool.

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  • TheReluctantWidow

    Hooray for Henry and his on-going gift! If I were 100% honest, one aspect of my husband’s death I mourn, even in the midst of huge attachment issue with one of my children, is that there really won’t be another child joining the family. I secretly hoped for another daughter. I will pray for Carla and her family.