Break out the Brown Paper Bags, Kids

and start hyperventilating into them like I just did.


Am I screaming? You betcha. This it the lady who brought us the Pants Pass, y’all.

We loose heretical hell-bound big-bottomed pant-loving Catholic women owe her a great debt of gratitude. Also, she writes scathing reviews about Thomas Kinkade and gives the best decorating tips EVER. And by best, I mean the only ones I could ever conceivably implement. Plus she drinks gin. Plus I have an indecent girly-blogger crush on her.

Did I say that last one out loud?

Go say hi and have a fangirl meltdown in her combox! You know you want to.

Also, if anyone ever wants to spend $400 on a Simcha-created pair of pants for me, I totally want these. I could wear them to the Catholic New Media Conference.With my Pants Pass t-shirt.

Do you see why I love her so much?

*Oh yeah, in other news, we are traveling to Texas at o’frak-thirty in the morning tomorrow, and we’ll be bouncing around relatives’ houses for a while, so if blogging is light, non-existence, hysterical, or nonsensical, I apologize in advance. I hope to have some good guest posts for you, though. And doubtless some travel horror stories.

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