Giveaway Winner!

You know, I thought the whole, “I’ll pick the winner cause it’s my blog, beyotches” thing would be fun. It wasn’t, not so much. I loved all the comments a lot, and some made me pee from laughing (I suck at kegels, okay, get off my back), and then I had this total crisis because the comment that spoke to me the most was also made by someone who happens to be my friend, and she’s also a blogger, and dang it, I’m terrified that this is going to look like insider trading.

But I have to go with my gut. And my gut says this: “That my kids will someday hate me for homeschooling them” is a huge, silent fear that we all have. And maybe that all our other fears are wrapped up in that. That we’ll fail them, and they’ll hate us for it. That we’ll be too hard on them, and they’ll hate us for it. That our houses will implode into laundry and chaos while we work on multiplication tables, and they’ll hate us for it. That one day someone will be like, “what do you mean, you don’t know how to do long division because your mom couldn’t remember that part of math?” and they’ll hate us for it. Basically, we’re all worried that we’ll destroy everything forever and that they’ll recognize that the destruction is our fault, and hate us for it.

So Melanie wins the book. Way to go, Melanie! You’ve officially put my worst fears into written form!

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