I’m Alive! Don’t Worry!

Beaucoup apologies for this ridiculously long and entirely unintentional blogging hiatus. We’ve been painting the DFW area red, hanging out with Rebecca Frech and her brood, spending quality cousin time, making up delicious cocktails with the glorious Deep Eddy vodka, drinking said cocktails, writing a dissertation, swimming, falling into the pool and almost drowning, teaching minions toswim, eating Chick-fil-a, setting off fireworks, and generally having loads of family vacation fun. I’ve only pulled out my beloved ASUS to use my workout videos, have looked at facebook maybe twice in the last month, and have been totally offline. It’s both liberating and depressing. I miss you guys!


The only reason I even have time to blog today is because I’m in the car with my Dad. I hitched a ride with him to Austin so I can have lunch with the woman herself, Jennifer Fulwiler. I would provide a handy link to her blog but I’m writing this from my phone so I can’t. You know who I mean, though. Everyone does. She has her own reality show, for crap’s sake. She’s famous! And she’s having lunch with me! *squeal*


Please pray that I overcome my fangirlishness before she really regrets this, k? Or if I can’t, at least pray that I remember to ask her to sign my tushy.


Don’t worry I’ll be back soon with pictures. Or me and Jen. Not my signed tushy. Please forgive any spelling and formatting horrors, too. When it comes to typing on my phi.e, I’m all thumbs. (Hahahaha, right?)

  • Leila Miller

    Jen’s the best, and you’ll never want to leave! Enjoy!!!

  • Lillian C.

    We missed you! However, great to hear that you are having fun and loving life. Take your time coming back!

  • http://www.thewinedarksea.com/ Melanie B

    Oh wow. Have fun. You guys can compare scorpions and alligators and stuff. Make sure you remember to get a picture. I don’t have any pictures of me with Jen even though I’ve met her like four or five times because I’m always too busy talking and forget the whole camera thing.

  • Kassie Rutherford

    I’m depressed that I never asked you to sign my tushy.

    • Jeanne G.

      ;) Only you, Kassie.

  • Jane Curl Duquette

    Rebecca Frech and Jennifer Fulwiler on the same vacation. I would so love to do your vacation. I spent the first half of my vacation on crutches. My kids favorite phrase became, ‘Look, I can see Mom from here.” Have a fabulous time and Tell us wonderful details so we can pretend we get to meet them too.

  • Wanda

    Have great fun! One of these days I hopefully will get to meet her as well! I’m up in FW and get to Austin frequently as I have a daughter there.

  • Mitzi Barnes

    Busy blogging week! You get together with Jennifer, Dwija and Cari are getting together… Is there a “Mothers Who Blog With a Catholic Perspective” get-together? There should be. Like ComicCon. We fans could dress up like our favorite blog/blog story/blogger and attend panel discussions!