I Will Not Apologize for Art

Well I wrote three posts today, and they all went into the scrap heap o’shit. So here. Something to remind you that actually, there are worse things in the world than me.

Llamas with fecking hats, kids.

YouTube Preview Image

  • Tiff

    I think the most depressing thing is that has over 16,000,000 views on YouTube.

    • Calah Alexander

      That gives me hope for the human race. 16,000,000 awesome people love this video.

  • CS

    I always wondered what forgiveness sounds like.

  • RobW

    Why dont you write like a Lady? One foot in the gutter isnt going to convert anybody.

    • Calah Alexander

      Unfortunately I’m Catholic, so I have to serve my husband. He likes me barefoot, pregnant, and cursing like a sailor.

    • http://aftertheecstasythelaundry.wordpress.com/ Cynthia Schrage

      On the contrary. Calah’s writing makes me proud to be a Catholic, and I use her example lots of time to talk to folks about how you can be Catholic and cool. I bet she is, actually, converting a lot more people than you’d think.

  • Anna

    Dude, that’s dang funny.

  • Meredith

    Look up the German-dubbed version! It’s even funnier somehow.