7 Quick Takes Friday


It’s still Friday, like it was this morning. Unbelievable, how long days last when the Ogre is gone. We still have all of tonight, plus two whole entire days to get through before he comes home.


The worst part is that he’s actually enjoying the conference. I mean, he enjoyed the conference in Poland once he got his luggage and could attend the presentations in something other than the clothes he had been wearing for 72 hours, which meant he enjoyed the last day. But this time everything went smoothly and he’s really chipper every time I talk to him.

Naturally, because I am a bad person, this irritates me and I kind of want to be like, hey, could you be more sympathetic about the fact that I’m


I’ve literally never wanted a weekend to end so badly.

 I feel ya, Dame Maggie Smith.


So this year I’ve been attempting to be a better, more involved mother. To that end, I agreed to make cookies for the bake sale yesterday. My plan was to make 5 dozen cookies and send 4 dozen to school with Sienna.

But the thing is, I didn’t take into account that I was making Smitten Kitchen’s World Peace cookies.

She took 2 dozen to school.


I also volunteered to do lunch duty every Monday. As in, every single Monday. I was supposed to attend this training thing for it yesterday that I put on the calendar.

But yesterday, Lincoln had a fever and the Ogre was out of town and I was eating baking cookies and I completely forgot, and now I’m afraid I’m going to be the first parent ever to be fired from volunteer work.


The good news is, I’ve also totally missed every single parent education evening for Charlotte’s Montessori school.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go make Tom Kha Gai and figure out a way to stream Overboard off the internet tonight. And maybe go to the store for some Talenti. At this point, burying myself in comfort food and comfort films is a necessity, not an option.

  • Gwen Filipski

    Nah. I got fired from volunteer work at my daughter’s school. It was strangely a relief. Hang in there!

  • MK

    Completely off-topic, but who is the guy in the first meme? Enjoy your movie, and hope the Ogre returns soon.

  • http://www.geeklady.wordpress.com/ GeekLady

    …I want to make you laugh to cheer you up. But I got nuthin’. I’m too raw after fighting with my contrary older son over reading lessons.

    Me: “David, this is A. a (pretend I’ve used the phonetic symbol here) is the short vowel sound of A. Can you tell me the short vowel sound of A?”
    David: (not looking at the letter on the card) “E!”

    I’m not sure if my hair falling out in hunks is the normal postpartum shed, or whether I’m accidentally tearing it out during school.

  • Lea Singh

    So vivid, I love the multimedia. Makes it all come alive – great finds!

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    I love Talenti. Unfortunately, it does something to my breastmilk that makes my new son scream till 2 am.

  • Jordan

    3 Supernatural gifs = best post ever, just for that. I think my guardian angel was trying to save me from tempting my currently gestational diabetic self by hiding the pictures of those cookies when I pulled up the page. And refreshed it. And refreshed it.