Consoling Myself with Honest Trailers

Yesterday we went to the pool to hang out with some friends, and when I put on the cute tankini my mom bought me this summer, I was appalled to realize that it no longer fit. I mean, I could put it on my body, but it did NOT look awesome. It was like muffin top hell.

I can’t exactly be surprised by this, since I totally lost my mind with Smitten Kitchen’s World Peace cookies and kind of stopped working out for two weeks. So instead of beating myself up, I decided to be a grown up and get back on the wagon today.

Which I did. I really gave T25 my all this morning. And now I cannot get out of the chair, and may never move again. I’m too wiped out to think, really, so here’s some honest trailers. Obviously, language, content, cleavage, and anything else that might offend warning. This is Honest Trailers, y’all. Maybe don’t watch it if you fast-forward through the sexy scenes or the violent scenes or enjoy watching movies on TV because they ineffectively alter the naughty words. Definitely don’t watch it if you own a ClearPlay dvd player. (You probably shouldn’t be reading this blog if you own one of those, actually.) Happy Monday?

Here. This one is only here for Lauren Ellis, to prove that peer pressure works.

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