Wednesday Linky Link

I didn’t have much time for blogging today, but what little I had I spent reading interesting links instead. Sorry. But I figured I should at least share!

Rebecca Frech’s post about talking to your kids. She is so freaking brilliant and she’s always up for a facebook chat and I love her. Read it!


Chinese foot binding in pictures. This practice is so chilling. The fact that it went on for a thousand years is absolutely horrific.

Rare color photographs of circus girls from the 1940’s and 1950’s. These are awesome!

Finally, from Danielle Bean, a defense of all the things that go bump on Halloween night. This is my favorite. We love the spooky spookery around here, and I’m totally on board with what she says.

I sometimes struggle against my feminine impulses to “mommify” Halloween. Many of us moms would prefer to remove references to evil, fear, and death from our family’s observances of All Hallow’s Eve, much as we would prefer our sons to skip football and pursue gentler sports instead. Like chess.

In our discomfort, some of us avoid trick-or-treating and scary props and costumes altogether, in favor of All Saints Day celebrations. It’s the very next day, after all, and it’s definitely a Catholic feast. The kids still get to dress up and eat candy, and we all get to focus on the triumph of the saints, rather than all that evil, fear, and death stuff.

But we cheat ourselves when we skip over the scary and run straight to the glory. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating All Saints Day, of course, but evil, fear, and death are real, and Holy Mother Church doesn’t “mommify” any of it.

(Read the rest here)

‘Tis the season, after all, so enjoy Jack!


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