Pray for Lily

Please check out this blog by my neighbors in Ave Maria, whose daughter Lily was born a week ago by emergency C-section. She had lost almost all of her blood, had to be resuscitated twice, and sustained significant brain damage. On top of that, her parents are having to make the hour+ drive that we in Ave are all too familiar with to visit her each day…and gas is not cheap.

Lily’s dad reiterates on the blog that all they are asking for are prayers, more prayers, and prayers above all, but he’s a PhD student and he and Laura have four other children. When the fundraiser page says money is tight, I wince, because man, do I know that money is tight. If you are able, please consider donating to this family.

But most of all please pray for little Lily, her mom and dad, and her four siblings. Lily’s patron saints are Sts. Lillian of Cordoba, Faustina, and the Blessed Mother under the title of Our Lady of Loreto (the feast day upon which she was supposed to be born). I like to ask for the intercession of the Maritains (Jacques and Raissa) in situations like this, because they MUST be saints and they just need some miracles under their belts is all, but I’m a convert and I’m not even sure I understand yet how intercessory prayers are supposed to work, so pray as you will. But do pray, please.

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