Quentin Tarantino Strikes Again

Sorry for being the lamest blogger on the block. December is the worst, a whirlwind of birthday and Christmas and parents visiting and this year, our car blowing up.* But last night Charlotte was again possessed by the spirit of Quentin Tarantino, so I thought I should share it with you. OH, but first, here’s a picture from the girls’ impromptu birthday bash-n-burn.

Yup, we hit pinatas and made s’mores while wearing shorts in December. Welcome to Florida.

The Minions Tell More Jokes

Sienna: “Why does the cheetah always get caught?”

Me: “I don’t know, why?”

Sienna: “Because it’s…oh wait…what’s those things like polka dots? Oh yeah! Because it’s spotted!”

Me: “Hahahahahaha! Good one!”

Charlotte: “I have a joke Mommy!”

Me: *deep breath*

Charlotte: “Why does the girl wear a necklace and earrings?”

Sienna (who has clearly picked up on her sister’s morbidity): “Because it cut her neck off?”

Charlotte: *withering glare* “No, Sienna. Because it has sharp things on it.”


Charlotte: “And spiders.”


Charlotte: “And then she got runned over by a car.”


*Okay, so our car didn’t actually blow up, but pretty much. Well, it blew a gasket. I ♥ hyperbole.

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