How the Ogre Does Love Songs

There is never enough music in our house. Neither the Ogre nor I are musicians, so even though we both really love music, it isn’t part of the essential tapestry of our lives the way stories and poems are. But every once in a while, one of us will realize that we need more music, and we’ll spend a few weeks listening to some old cd’s or familiar Youtube playlists.

When things started to get bad for me a few months ago, the Ogre felt really helpless. He’s never been the type to make me a mixed tape that will more eloquently express his feelings, and we’ve never had a “song” or anything like that. (Actually we have a poem instead, cause we’re geeks.) But one day he heard “The Monster” on the radio, embedded it in an email, and sent it to me.

Music is another language, really. That song worked its way into my mind and helped me hold it together at times when I felt like I was falling apart. I listened to it over and over and over, so the Ogre began searching for more songs.

He’s not a popular radio type of guy. When we do listen to the radio, it’s almost always classic rock (him) or 80’s metal (me). But for the last few months, he’s suffered through endless repetitions of “Wrecking Ball” and “Dark Horse” to separate the wheat from the chaff for me.

Almost every day, I got a new email with a new song and a quick note about why he sent it. It meant so much to me, and was yet another example of how unbelievably amazing my husband is, so I thought I’d share some of the songs with y’all.

(language and content warning on this one-do not watch it with kids around!)

(here’s the clean version if you’d prefer it, no video on the screen, just lyrics)


(content warning on this one too-jeez, Pink!)



This one is far and away my favorite…I love it so much

My husband…he gets me. He speaks my language, and when he doesn’t, he figures out a new one we can speak together. I’ll never be able to express what he’s been for me, but last week I took a page out of his playbook and sent him an song via email.

I’m not saying pop music is better than Yeats or anything, but man…it makes you feel a lot better, a lot quicker.


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