Being Lonely when You’re Never Alone

New Advent had a link to an article on BBC about how extreme isolation warps our minds, and it got me thinking about life as a stay-at-home mom. I’ve never met a SAHM who hasn’t recounted how at some point in her life as a mother, she would watch the clock in the afternoon, counting [Read More...]

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Friends

A few weeks ago, my best friend Meaghan came to visit for Sienna’s first communion. I haven’t seen Meg in five years. They live in Virginia and also have four small kids and a dog, and it’s just not that easy to fly halfway across the country when you’re in a seemingly endless cycle of [Read More...]

Desire, Lust, and Daisy Dukes

Lots of nuttiness and hysteria has ensued since my post yesterday, notably on Mark Shea’s wall. Also, other sides of the story have come to light, along with more than a few accusations about me picking one side of the story and running with it. Truth be told, I picked the story up immediately after [Read More...]

“Immodest” – the new Scarlet Letter

I came across a post today about a 17-year-old girl who was kicked out of her own prom because some of the fathers who were chaperoning insisted that she was causing the young men on the dance floor to have impure thoughts. It’s important to note that the requirement for the dress code was fingertip-length, [Read More...]

Whoops, someone poked a hole in the sun…

Today NASA found a strange dark square-shaped hole in the sun. Nope, not kidding. This is what NASA has to say about it: A coronal hole, almost square in its shape, is one of the most noticeable features on the Sun of late (May 5-7, 2014). A coronal hole is an area where high-speed solar [Read More...]

Hulk Mommy Contemplates Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not my favorite holiday. Mother’s Day is the emotional equivalent of Valentine’s Day…try as I might to temper them, my expectations are through the roof, and when when my family fails to provide a string quartet and a cappuccino imported directly from Rome to wake me up, I get mad. Then, in [Read More...]

Let’s have a Black Mass…because education

Harvard Extension School is hosting a “reenactment” of a Black Mass for educational purposes, “to learn and experience the history of different cultural practices.” The Anchoress has been in contact with those in charge of this, primarily to urge them not to use a Consecrated Host when the word was that they would be using [Read More...]

My Top 4 Patheos Posts

Yesterday I put up a video for Patheos’s birthday party, and included a link to my personal favorite post on Patheos. I chose that one because I couldn’t have written it if I weren’t here at Patheos, among the other bloggers on all the channels, but especially among the Patheosi at the Catholic Channel, who [Read More...]

Happy Birthday Patheos!

Patheos turns five today, and they asked us bloggers to help them celebrate by making a video and posting a few of our best blog posts. I think the idea was that the video would be a short “Hey Patheos, happy birthday, cheers!” thing, but I thought this would be a more fitting birthday present: [Read More...]

How the Ogre Does Love Songs

There is never enough music in our house. Neither the Ogre nor I are musicians, so even though we both really love music, it isn’t part of the essential tapestry of our lives the way stories and poems are. But every once in a while, one of us will realize that we need more music, [Read More...]