Happiness is in the Work

I’ve always thought my husband, the Ogre, was essentially Daryl Dixon with Russel Crowe’s face.                 He’s such a visible badass that our neighbors’ master plan in the case of a zombie apocalypse is to “find and stick with the Ogre.” His badassery is so deeply ingrained into [Read More...]

Don’t Feed the Trolls, or Be One

Last week, I posted this hilarious article on my facebook page, a critical analysis of the deterioration of a comment thread for a rainbow cake tutorial posted on an Australian Radio Show’s website. What started as helpful tips and clarifications devolved into an outright combox culture war. Getting a little worked-up here, folks. It’s rainbow [Read More...]

Periods Don’t Have Glitter In Them

I have some kind of flu-like death cold and am convinced that I have chikungunya, because why not? So this is for you. And for me. Because it’s hilarious, and this lady is doing parenting right. I only hope I can be that awesome one day. “Do you know how hard it is to find [Read More...]

It’s Not the Standards, It’s That We Believe Them

The Ogre and I had an amazing night last night. It was the kind of night where after a few hours I started feeling giggly and schoolgirl-ish again, and I couldn’t stop smiling every time he looked at me. We didn’t do anything extraordinary…put the kids down, ate dinner, watched a hysterically bad movie, and [Read More...]

Conversations with the Ogre

Sienna: “Mom, can you tell me what the Blood of Christ tastes like, since I’ve never had it before?” Me: “It tastes like wine. Just like the Body of Christ tastes like a cracker, even though it’s become the actual Body of Christ.” The Ogre: “That’s just because Mom’s a sinner, sweetie. When I drink [Read More...]

Turning Pain into Beauty

My friend Rebecca, of Shoved to Them fame, has a 9-year-old daughter named Ella. Ella was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis two years ago, and after long, painful, difficult treatments (think thick, burning, weekly injections) they got it under control. Last year, she had an accident on her scooter and broke her jaw. Because of [Read More...]

Talkin’ Ain’t Doin’

You know how there are the ten commandments that we’re supposed to abide by? I’ve always taken some of those more seriously than others. One of the ones I’ve never taken too seriously is that pesky fourth one, the whole “honor your mother and father” thing. When I was a kid, I would obey because [Read More...]

Here’s George R.R. Martin Playing a Game of Thrones

I’m working on a SERIOUSLY SERIOUS POST that’s going seriously nowhere, so in the meantime, let’s discuss Game of Thrones, shall we? I think that’s all that really needs to be said. But just one quick question: can it really be considered fantasy if Westeros is pretty much exactly the world we live in, but [Read More...]

Giving the Truth a Level Playing Field

I recently got an advance copy of Patrick Madrid’s book Why Be Catholic?, and was supposed to read and review it the day before or the day it came out. It was released June 3, so I get to start this review by apologizing to Patrick for being so lame about getting it written. I’d [Read More...]

The Rock Star and the Red Herring

Simcha had this cool thing posted on her wall the other day, about how Aaron Lewis interrupted his own show to lambast a group of guys who were groping an adolescent girl. Staind frontman Aaron Lewis interrupted his own performance on Saturday to reprimand a group of fans who crossed the line with an adolescent [Read More...]