Siege Journal — (A Record of Life in the Trenches)

  (I found this recently, and thought its historical truths were worth sharing.) Tonight marks the 4th night of enemy aggression. We are exhausted to the point of delirium, yet the enemy shows no sign of fatigue. If anything they seem energized by our lackluster return fire and the involuntary drooping of our eyelids. Even [Read More...]

Not saying I’ve ever had a confession like this…

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Being Absent and Being Fully Present

Our babysitter sent this picture to me today. She took it while she was walking the boys to the park this morning. Apparently they sat like that the whole mile walk to the playground. I’ve been picking up extra work this year, and as a result we’re able to have a babysitter take care of [Read More...]

I’d Rather Have Frostbite than Chikungunya

No, listen. Every winter, 98% of you are shivering your derriers off while you shovel your cars out of acres of snow in your driveways and pray they start so you can make it to the store to buy more kerosene and snow-wolf-killing-broadswords, or something. Clearly, I don’t live in a northern climate. I live [Read More...]


Go vote, like I did. You won’t regret it.   [Read more...]

Halloween 2014 — Scaring Kids and Scoring Tracts

This year we all dressed up. Our family theme was supposed to be “horror movie,” but Charlotte kinda put the kibosh on that with her hysterical insistence on being Elsa. Or did she?  “The movie is not about ghosts but about madness and the energies it sets loose in an isolated situation primed to magnify [Read More...]

Conversations with the Ogre

Charlotte: (clad in her hastily-assembled All Saint’s Day costume, composed of a Cinderella dress thinly disguised with a variety of scarves wound around her shoulders and head) “What do you think, Daddy? Do I look like St. Elizabeth of Hungary?” The Ogre: “Actually, you look more like that creepy little girl in Dune.” Charlotte: “Was [Read More...]

An Open Letter from the Unwashed Masses to the Intellectual Elite, Regarding Ebola

Dear Intellectual Elite, When I read the news these days, I am afraid. Not so much of Ebola exactly, but of the way our country is drawing lines in the sand so carelessly — lines that are becoming fault lines, fracturing and splitting apart any sense of fealty we might have had left. It’s true [Read More...]

Exclusivity and Isolation in Parish Ministries

Leah Libresco is hosting a symposium on the ways that parishes can be more welcoming to their many and varied parishioners. The symposium is a kind of collective response to Kat’s post on being ignored as a single parent during the Synod for the Family. It’s so unbelievably isolating being a single parent in the [Read More...]

We Can – and Should – Use Madonna Songs to Transform the Culture

I’ll be on Drew Mariani’s show this afternoon to discuss Sr. Cristina’s cover of “Like a Virgin.” In an effort to make sure I don’t sound like blubbering moron, I spent the weekend thinking long and hard about the song and its cultural implications. Catholics were generally favorable toward Sr. Cristina’s appearance on The Voice [Read More...]