“The Meaning of Love and Brotherhood That Binds Us All”

“The Meaning of Love and Brotherhood That Binds Us All” November 19, 2015

I haven’t written anything about the terrorist attacks or the refugee crisis, because I don’t know what to say, think, or do. I’m trying to stay open and absorb it all, to see and understand (at least as much as possible, from a world away), to grieve and pray.

But I thought this post at Aleteia was beautiful, and should be shared among us as widely as possible.

And I prayed not to be the only Catholic to pray for your forgiveness. I prayed for you to learn to accept the forgiveness of others, something that your ideology did not teach you. You who, like me, live in France, have a family, may the Lord Jesus Christ put you on the right path. May He teach you the meaning of love and brotherhood that binds us all…

…Finally, I would like to quote a few words from Mother Teresa:

Life is beauty, admire it,
Life is bliss, taste it,
Life is a dream, realize it,
Life is a challenge, meet it,
Life is a duty, complete it,
Life is a game, play it,
Life is precious, care for it,
Life is wealth, keep it,
Life is love, enjoy it,
Life is mystery, know it,
Life is a promise, fulfill it,
Life is sorrow, overcome it,
Life is a song, sing it,
Life is a struggle, accept it,
Life is tragedy, confront it,
Life is an adventure, dare it,
Life is happiness, deserve it,
Life is life, defend it.

I hope, dear terrorist, that these words will reach you so that you come to realize that hatred and death are not the solution.

(Read the rest here)


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