Update and Notes: Podcast Transcripts, Holy Land posts, and Jacksonville Fireside in mid-July

I took the MCAT this week, and anticipate having more time to write now. Several notes:

First, it was brought to my attention that while my podcast files and posts are still there, the transcripts are not. This link is a zip file of all the podcast transcripts I’ve been able to locate. (Breanne, I’ve found more than you received previously.)

Second, I’ve added a dedicated page for my Genesis book, with more details, translation samples, and short linked bibliography.  I’ve also started adding links to relevant posts I’ve done for each section. This project is something I’m very excited about, and look forward to finishing in the next year.

Third, I’ll be in Jacksonville, FL for part of July and probably doing a fireside either July 13 or 20 on the world of Isaiah and Jeremiah. Time/date TBA. I’m also tentatively in Boston late July or early August, but no plans to repeat my fireside up there unless someone wants to make that happen.

Fourth, this week’s lesson should be up within a day or two. Check back.

Lastly, since I will be having more time to write, and the response to this post was quite positive, I’ll start adding posts with lots of pictures of relevant sites from a recent multi-week trip there. (Sample below) Thanks for reading.

From S.W. of Jericho, looking westwards up the hills towards Jerusalem and the Mediterranean, some dozens of miles away. Jerusalem is on a hill, but the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth. The slope between them is steep at times. Mom couldn’t get over just how bleak it was. (Pic is being squeezed oddly. Click for full size)

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