Announcement: Online Mormon Reading Group of Luke T. Johnson’s Introduction to the New Testament

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 4.09.26 PM It’s paper-writing season for me, not a ton of time to blog anything substantial.  However, if you’re on Facebook, over the next year the Mormons Talk: NT Bible Scholarship group will read/post/discuss its way through Luke Timothy Johnson’s The Writings of the New Testament .  Currently available for $4.99, this volume is part of the Kindle sale I posted about last week which runs through the end of April. It’s the kind of book that might be used in a college Intro to the New Testament course.

Johnson is a Catholic New Testament scholar, former priest, currently at Emory. In terms of scholarship, he is well-regarded and centrist/conservative. He’s also done lecture series for The Great Courses, which are worth listening to.

Given my academic and public commitments this year as I finish my coursework, and my book which I am struggling mightily to finish, I will not be participating on a regular basis. Nevertheless, it’s a good project that I recommend.
As always, you can help me pay my tuition here, or you can support my work through making your regular Amazon purchases through this Amazon link. You can also get updates by email whenever a post goes up (subscription box on the right). If you friend me on Facebook, please drop me a note telling me you’re a reader. I tend not to accept friend requests from people I’m not acquainted with.

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