Benjamin the Scribe takes its inspiration from Nehemiah 8:8. When the Israelites returned to Jerusalem from Babylon after 70 years, Aramaic had largely become their native language and they could no longer understand their Hebrew scriptures. Scribes arose to bridge this gap in understanding.

They read aloud from the scroll, from the Torah of God, translating and explaining the meaning, so [the people] understood what was read.

As an undergrad, Ben set aside his medical aspirations after falling in love with the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. He spent a semester in Jerusalem and graduated BYU in Near Eastern Studies before pursuing graduate work in Semitics at the University of Chicago (Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, Assyrian, Babylonian, Ugaritic, and others). He is currently writing a book on the challenge of scripture, creation, and Genesis 1.

After a MA and several frustrating years in pursuit of a PhD, he shifted to taking a support role of his wife’s pursuit of a PhD, while working part time and taking pre-medical courses. In 2016, he formally returned to academia as a PhD student at Claremont, studying history of religion and science, with a focus on issues of fundamentalism, literalism, creationism, and evolution. Click here if you’d like to learn more about my studies and help pay my tuition.

Ben’s teaching experience includes several semesters at BYU as well as nearly a decade as a volunteer Institute teacher. He has published in BYU Studies, Religious Educator, Religion & Politics, and with the Maxwell Institute, blogged for a decade at various places. (See Ben’s Other Writings), and participates regularly in academic conferences. In 2017, he will presenting or speaking in public in several places.

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Ben can be contacted at BenjaminTheScribeBlog@gmail.com