Bored? A ‘Bad’ Rap for Millennials


Is the state of mind
Of those who lack


About that boredom
In an endlessly interesting world,
Stop focusing on self-indulgence
And watch how things unfurl.

Endless entertainment
Does not satisfy
Don’t pretend it does,
Don’t even try.

Easily amused?
What’s a matter wit’ you?
Easily confused?
Well….. me too.

This world is hard
You look for distraction
It thrives on novelty
The latest attraction.

The problem with ‘the latest’
Is new is soon old,
As soon as ‘it’s the greatest’
It’s ‘so over’ is tolled.

The latest passing fancy
Is soon effaced
The latest hit song
Is soon replaced.

Looking for timeless
In the temporal
Is like looking for endless
In the corporeal

Only three things last,
Faith, hope, and love
And not just any sort,
The kind that comes from above.

From here to eternity
Is a mighty long way
You can only get there
If you become eternal today.

Being a ‘millennial’

Is not good enough
Become a perennial
Before things get rough…

8/19/17 BW3

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