Philip Jenkins on the Endings of John’s Gospel

Here’s a interesting recent post by my friend Philip Jenkins, for reflection this morning. See what you think. BW3 The first Sunday after Easter was “Low Sunday,” so-called because of the anticlimactic nature of anything following the high drama of Easter itself. But the readings for the day actually tell us a great deal, not just about the Resurrection, but about the way in which the New Testament itself was composed. In the Revised Common Lectionary, the day’s gospel reading… Read more

Alister McGrath’s C.S. Lewis– A LIfe: Part One

Alister McGrath has recently provided us with a top drawer biography of C.S. Lewis, which has as its subtitled ‘Eccentric Genius. Reluctant Prophet’ (Tyndale, 449 pages, about $18 U.S.). Unlike it’s notable predecessors (by George Sayer or Roger Lancelyn Green), McGrath did not know Lewis personally, and therefore presents us with more of an outsider’s portrait of the man, based on the literary evidence. When I say literary evidence, I mean not only his published works but especially the 3,000… Read more

Chronological Snobbery

Chronological snobbery—it’s a fact A sin of mind and act. It relegates the past to the dustbin And it will not retract. It thinks the latest is the greatest, And the new is the true, No matter what naysayers Say or do. Chronological snobbery—it’s a crime. ‘dwell no more in the past it says, leave it all behind.’ As if historical amnesia could set us free Or myopia could help us see. But those who ignore the past’s sins Are… Read more

Woman in Gold–Helen Mirren Shines Brightly

Last summer Ann and I went to Austria so I could give a lecture at the International SBL meeting. It was mostly just an excuse to go see a beautiful European city and see some friends there and in Prague. Everywhere we went, we saw trinkets, pictures, posters, of the art work of Gustav Klimt especially his portrait, ‘The Kiss’. At the time, we knew nothing about a new movie starring Helen Mirren which had just been filmed in Austria… Read more

Twilight of the Rock Gods?– Not so Much if you ask Toto

a href=””> It is an odd phenomena, but nonetheless true, that while the influence of rock n’ roll on its birthplace (the good ole USA) has certainly waned over the last two decades, and replaced on the charts by an odd mixture of rap, hip hop, countrifried pop, and the like, rock n’roll is alive and well in the Eurozone, including in Scandavia as well. Of the bands which I would call third or fourth wave rock n’roll bands, those… Read more

Interview on the James Ossuary Read more

Be Careful, It’s a Leopard eat Alligator World out there…..

 Read more

A.D. The Bible Continues— Part Four

It might be possible, through a mere reading of the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ trials, to come to the conclusion that Pilate was not all bad as a procurator of the province of Judaea. But this is not the whole picture, as Josephus makes very clear indeed in his Antiquities and Jewish Wars. Pilate as anti-Semitic, and he was brutal. Two of his more infamous acts early on in his rule was the attempt to bring the Roman standards into… Read more

A Fellowship of Differents

Ben: Scot it seems that I’ve been reading a lot of your recent offerings ranging from Jesus is Lord, and little Caesar is not, (it’s a pizza), to your book on the Kingdom, and most recently to A Fellowship of Differents (Zondervan, 2014), a book on the nature of the church. What has prompted all this recent useful productivity? Scot: Thanks Ben, and I appreciate your reading those books. In about 2000 I made a decision that I wanted to… Read more

The Way of the Wesleys– An Excellent Primer

I’ve been reading Wesleyana materials for most of my life. I’m a cradle Methodist, and someday I suppose I’ll be a grave Methodist. I’ve read all sorts of books on John Wesley and on Wesleyan theology. In my opinion the very best short introduction to the theology, ethics, and praxis of the Wesley has now finally emerged! It’s very readable, it focuses on the views of both John and Charles Wesley, and unlike many studies sticks almost exclusively to the… Read more

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