When I came to Wolfville, I must admit, I did not expect it to be not much different in size and design from Wilmore Kentucky— but it isn’t. Like Wilmore, it is a town, when the students are there, of about 6,000 people, and like Wilmore it has exactly two main streets, one of which Acadia University, once Acadia Baptist College, is on. The town is full of beautiful little cottages that could be founded in any little New England… Read more

As I mentioned earlier, Nova Scotia is very much like northern New England in terms of terrain and flora and fawn. It is also like northern New England in its little fishing villages full of lobster pots and nets. This little village, called Hall’s Harbor looks almost identical to Rockport in Massachusetts right down to the red barn. There is also the same rocky and scenic coastline and very very cold water! No swimmers here. Hall’s Harbor has a nice… Read more

Besides the Covenanter Church in Grand Pre, there is also the Grand Pre Winery, which specializes in ice wines, wines in which one has left the grapes on the vine into the winter months, and then harvested them. To be honest, I had never heard of ice wines before I visited Nova Scotia, but I gather they are also produced in snowbound U.S. places like Buffalo as well. The process is such that this concentrates the sugars in the grape… Read more

When I landed in Halifax, I was taken immediately to Victoria’s Inn in Wolfville, where I was to stay all week, and where, clearly, the Queen had never stayed. It is a… wait for it…Victorian Inn converted into a B+B. Once I stepped out of the car at the Inn I was immediately overwhelmed by the smell of lilacs everywhere. The lilacs and the horse chestnuts and much else was all in bloom. It felt much like a Spring day… Read more

Nova Scotia— New Scotland. It’s almost an island off the east coast of Canada. It’s where various immigrants came, escaping harsh conditions in Scotland and elsewhere, only to discover that Nova Scotia was not exactly the Bahamas. For a good many of these immigrants Nova Scotia was terra incognita– an unknown land, and that’s still true today for many Americans. The sign I took a picture of above in Wolfville where Acadia University is (where one finds Acadia Divinity College,… Read more

Human beings are endlessly curious about the future. Wall Street wants to know economic trends. Pollsters want to figure out political trends. Gossip magazines want to know relational trends, and so it goes. Human beings are always looking to the horizon, and wondering what’s coming next. Sometimes this has led to overly rosy proclamations about how technology and science are going to solve all our problems. On the other hand it has also led to overly pessimistic predictions as well…. Read more

This show will air on July 26th on TLC. Check it out. BW3 Read more

One of the most recognizable voices of the entire Rock n’ Roll era is the voice of Michael McDonald. The man has sung on a zillion records for others, but the first place one might remember him from is the Steely Dan records he sang on. Then his recognition factor exploded when he joined the Doobie Brothers and went on to win five Grammy awards. His longevity is remarkable because even in the last decade or so he has had… Read more

I have a problem this summer at home— it’s ants. Little tiny sugar ants. They keep invading our house and our food. They’re not carpenter ants or fire ants, thank goodness. They’re just hungry little dudes and they will stop at nothing to get that food. Not even Terminix has been able to stop them. So I have to admit that going to see a movie about ants, well, on first blush that did not sound like a rush to… Read more

The second volume in the Week in the Life series (IVP,$13.87, 292 pages), the first of which was my A Week in the Life of Corinth, focuses on the life of Roman centurion stationed in the unstable eastern end of the Empire. Appius is a centurion who is profoundly injured at Dura-Europa and ends up in more of an advisory capacity in Capernaum during the lifetime of Jesus. Gary Burge (NT prof at Wheaton) brings to bear his considerable knowledge… Read more

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