Imagine There’s No Weapons


Things have only gotten worse since 1980 when it comes to weapons and violence, including accidental and intentional killings of innocent children. This is a picture of John Lennon's blood-spattered glasses which he wore the day he was killed.Here's a little lyrical tribute I've written to John, to be sung to the tune of his classic hit--- Imagine."Imagine there's no weapons It's easy if you try, Nothing to kill or maim for, And no good reason why Imagine all the people living … [Read more...]

Death of an Expert Witness– Another James Classic and a Lesson for Christians


By the mid-70s, P.D. James was on a major roll, when it comes to mysteries or crime fiction. One can surmise that her publisher was even allowing her more verbage, because Death of an Expert Witness runs to 352 pages, which is about a hundred more than some of the early novels. But what had prepared James for writing these spine-tingling crime novels? You look at her pictures and say---- oh, that's 'Aunt Betty' or at the later pictures and say 'that's my Grandmother'. Here is the little … [Read more...]

Tunnel Vision?


This amazing tunnel is found in the Ukraine, and is a local railway tunnel to a private factory. The locals however call it 'the tunnel of love'. Whatever else you can say, it is 'tree-mendously' beautiful. :) … [Read more...]

The Art of Teaching

 Getting your picture on a U.S. stamp, even a one cent one, requires that you have accomplished something significant. In the case of Horace Mann of Franklin Mass., he accomplished notable things in the early 19th century in three different fields--- law, politics, and finally education,only to return to politics once more, this time as a U.S. Representative (previously he had only been involved in Mass. politics). In 1837, Mann became the president of the Massachusetts Board of … [Read more...]

Jesus and the Resurrection! … [Read more...]

What Easter Means to Me


 The word Easter of course has a relationship to the word 'eastern'. It is the time in the church calendar when Western Christians look to the east, to Jerusalem, from whence comes their help. This same sort of geographical orientation explains why cathedrals and churches point east, so to speak. As you look down the transcept to the high altar and beyond to the back of a cathedral or proper church, the sun comes up through the rose window or stained glass, reminding us all of our … [Read more...]

On Making God the Room….

 We hear a lot about 'making room for God' from the pulpit, as though God is someone we need to squeeze into our overly busy schedule. I feel about this the same way I feel about the whole 'God is my co-pilot' stuff. In neither case is the conception of how we ought to relate to God anywhere near the mark. In fact it would be more accurate to say we should make God the room, than make room for God.What I mean by this is that God should be not merely the reference point but the whole … [Read more...]

God’s Friday

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When it comes to Good Friday, we tend to hear a lot of sermons about the soteriological benefits of Christ's death for us all, which is of course appropriate. What we do not hear a lot of sermons about is what the cross tells us about either the character of God and why the cross is necessary in the first place. For example, if we consider the last matter first, if the death of Jesus was not absolutely the necessary and sufficient means of atonement for our sins, then it's hard to imagine God … [Read more...]

Mandatum Thursday

 If you are wondering where in the world the phrase Maundy Thursday comes from, wonder no more. It actually comes from the phrase Mandatum Thursday, or loosely translated 'mandate' or 'commandment' Thursday. It refers to the commandment from John 13 which you see in the picture above. Unfortunately, it was assumed that John 13 is about what transpired on Thursday of Holy Week, but historically this is probably incorrect. There is not footwashing episode on Thursday according to all … [Read more...]