One Picture is worth……..

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News Weak—- The Problems with Mr. Eichenwald’s Article

News Weak--- “The Problems with Kurt Eichenwald’s screed entitled “The Bible: So Misunderstood it’s a Sin”It is all too easy these days to bemoan Biblical illiteracy and castigate fundamentalists for their misuse of the Bible, and provide compelling evidence that in regard to both matters our culture is guilty as charged. Were that all that Kurt Eichenwald, (a writer for Vanity Fare with exactly no credentials or expertise to warrant his write an article on the Bible for a national news ma … [Read more...]

Love is……. Strange

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Who is the Greatest Artist?

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Into the Woods is not Out of the Woods Yet is always a daunting task to turn a Broadway hit musical into a major film. Even if you front load a ton of stars into said movie, you will have to either: 1) make sure they can all really sing, or 2) settle for someone who is really good at lip-syncing or is that lip-singing? The perils of the latter became very clear in the Milli Vanilli scandal of a band who never actually sang their own songs, but had a hit record. Let us say first that you … [Read more...]

E. Stanley Jones Quote of the Day

E. Stanley Jones, a twentieth-century Methodist missionary to India (and Asbury graduate): "A soul without a body is a ghost; a body without a soul is a corpse. The Gospel is addressed to living persons, soul and body, in all of their broken humanity and need for wholeness." There is no spiritual Gospel without the social Gospel. There is no social Gospel without the spiritual Gospel. Proclaim the whole Gospel for the whole person in the whole world, and the world will listen. … [Read more...]

Bonum Novum Annum

BONUM NOVUM ANNUMWhy is new important If old can do the job?Why a cause to celebrate Or perchance to sob?Thank Julius for the calendar It didn’t come from God.It seems so strange we celebrate The arbitrary and odd.Janus at least was two-faced He looked back and ahead.But we seem to like it better If we consider the old year dead.And even the numbered year itself Comes from a short monk’s error.Jesus’ birth did not transpire After Herod’s death and terror. … [Read more...]