Palm Sunday Sermon— Great Expectations


(The following sermon was preached April 1 at the Woodlands UMC in the Woodlands Texas). GREAT EXPECTATIONS, MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENTS--- MT. 21.1-11  We are used to seeing Palm Sunday as a day of great celebration, and indeed it was and is,  but not for the reasons we usually think.  We associate the day with Jesus being King and riding into Jerusalem as a king, and with children waving palm branches in his honor.   The Gospel story in fact tells a slightly dif … [Read more...]

Doubting Thomas, Right on Q


Here is a very nice review by Larry Hurtado on an important new monograph on the Gospel of Thomas.  See what you think.-------- Gospel of Thomas and the Synoptic Gospels by larryhurtadoI've just previewed a forthcoming book that mounts an impressive case for the view that The Gospel of Thomas reflects acquaintance with (and reaction to) the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke): Mark Goodacre, Thomas and the Gospels: The Case for Thomas's Familiarity with the … [Read more...]

Women and the Ministry Part Two … [Read more...]

Women in Ministry Part One! … [Read more...]

What Does the Term Monotheism Mean?

Nashville 079

Here's a link to an important series of interviews about the meaning of Biblical monotheism.  See what you think.  … [Read more...]

The Atlas that Didn’t Shrug

Atlas of Early Christianity by larryhurtadoHere's another important work of earlier date and so not well enough known today:Atlas of the Early Christian World, by F. van der Meer and Christian Mohrmann, trans. Marry F. Hedlund and H. H. Rowley (London/Edinburgh:  Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1958).It is quite simply an incomparable work (to my knowledge).  The most important and the unique material is the maps, 40 of them, plus the large maps on the inside covers.  The uni … [Read more...]

Reading Out Loud in Antiquity

The following post by Larry Hurtado is helpful on the subject of oral texts and their public reading in antiquity. More Material Evidence on Reading in Roman Antiquity by larryhurtadoYesterday I complained that some offering claims about texts and reading in antiquity didn't take adequate account of important material evidence, citing the data offered in manuscripts that indicate how they were used.  Specifically, many Christian manuscripts of biblical texts c … [Read more...]

Art West Sale!


No friends its not an April Fool's day joke.  In fact you'd be a fool not to take advantage of the offer I am alerting you to today.  All four of the Art West thrillers are on Kindle now, and all are for sale for as low as $5.99.  Yes, you read that right.   Gift them to friends, for summer beach reading, or birthday presents.    And yes,  the fifth novel is in the works-----  here below is a little taste....---------------CHAPTER ONE:  A LONG NIGHT’S JOURNEY INTO DAY August … [Read more...]

A Dublin Blessing

My Friend Larry Hurtado reports the following for budding NT scholars---- Dublin: Biblical Papyri (and Guinness, the way God made it) by larryhurtadoI've just lined up interested PhD students from Edinburgh for another visit to the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin ( to take in their wonderful holdings, and more specifically to examine the unrivalled cache of early biblical papyri housed there.  (For general readers of this site who don't know … [Read more...]