Into India– Part Four

Yes that's me with my doctoral student Jason Myers, who went with me to teach at what is perhaps India's largest theological college, with 250 undergraduates. It was Taste of India Saturday, with proceeds going to various worthy student causes. Notice in the background-- KFC, something all Kentuckians know well.... only in this case it stands for Kerala (a region in India) Food Court, and the food was decidedly not from Colonel Sanders.Here are some of our students smiling and … [Read more...]

Into India— Part Three

Hinduism is of course a form of polytheism, rather like Mormonism. It involved a belief in multiple deities, and in the case of Hinduism, hundreds of lesser and greater gods of all sorts. If you go to the Encyclopedias and read up on the major ones like Shiva or Vishnu you get a pretty clear sense of the character of the religion, which divides people into castes, expects them to believe in karma and reincarnation, and even treats some human beings as untouchables by nature and condition--- … [Read more...]

Into India– Part Two

On a sunny Saturday we managed to get off from teaching and headed for the hills. And these are some hills--- the Himalayas to be specific. Actually we only made it to the top of the first range of the Himalayas to a town called Mussoorie (pronounced like the State). This is a resort town, full of back-packers and tourists as well as plenty of natives. And you have to have a professional driver to drive up those hills, as they are all S curves and mostly one lane. I'll leave to your … [Read more...]

Into India— Part One

I went off to India near the beginning of January to teach for a few weeks and see a few sites, since I've never been there before. Because the Christian college I was teaching at has had legal problems due to harassment from Hindus, I'll not be mentioning the name of the school. But you'll hear about those activities in a later post.Perhaps it will be well to share a few facts. India is the world's largest democracy.... by a lot. It has a billion and a half people in a land mass … [Read more...]

Leptis Magna– A Greco-Roman City of the Biblical Era

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Dallas Buyer’s Club– Caveat Emptor

For those of us who lived through the 80s paranoia over HIV and AIDS, this movies reopens a festering wound in America's soul. Who remembers Ryan White, stigmatized and kept out of school because he got a tainted blood transfusion? Who remembers when hysteria even went so far as to having officials suggesting that merely touching people with AIDS could give you the disease, and for a while professional sports figures were prepared to say they would not play with someone who had AIDS? Who … [Read more...]

The Vatican’s Top Ten Pop Albums of all Time

The following was a release by Daniel J. Wakin in the NY Times, after the Vatican released its list of Greatest Pop Hits, or was that Pope Hits? Boo, hiss to the final snarky comment about Bob Dylan."The official newspaper of the Holy See, L’Osservatore Romano, has published what it called a “semi-serious” guide to the Top 10 pop albums of all time. In first place was the Beatles’ “Revolver.” The next was “If I Could Only Remember My Name,” David Crosby’s first solo album, followed by Pin … [Read more...]

It’s Been an H of a Winter This Year

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America Goes to Pot

No doubt you've heard about how Colorado now has marijuana for sale over the counter quite legally. No doubt as well, you can imagine cash strapped individuals, cities, and states salivating over the possibilities of making good money off of such sales. Why there are testimonials all over the place about how harmless, or alternately helpful marijuana can be, and not just for medicinal purposes when you are in pain. It's supposed to unwind your mind, and re-thread your head in good ways, and … [Read more...]