Why I’m a Wesleyan Evangelical

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6sG08YuAZEU … [Read more...]

The Durham Chronicles– the Telicious Tea Room


While in England, not everything stops for tea, a great deal does. Today I went into the new Tealicious Tea Room on Elvet Bridge in Durham and was transported back in time. The bright white washed walls were inviting, the flowers on the table, and the tea properly brewed (no tea bags need apply for admittance to this shop), and the tea served in proper china cups. Perfect.Then there were the non-caloric cakes by the dozen--- walnut, key lime, but I was having the 'squiggy ginger cake' … [Read more...]

Cruising to ‘Oblivion’


Have you noticed how Tom Cruise has a way of making Tom Cruise the focus of almost all his recent movies? About 75% of the camera focus time, when it is focusing on a character, is on him. Even with Mission Impossible, which is a team concept storyline, it was all about Tom and his daring do. "Oblivion' is no different, not least because, there are a bunch of Jack Harper the astronauts aka Tom Cruise, in this movie. Even Morgan Freeman, the other major star of the film, gets far less … [Read more...]

The Durham Chronicles— St. Cuthbert’s Journey


The story of St. Cuthbert, who is buried under the high altar at Durham Cathedral, is an inspiring one in many ways. When he died, his body was brought from Lindisfarne through a circuitous route through Northumberland to Durham (see map above). The story goes that when he arrived, they opened the casket and his body was preserved inviolate. There was no decay. The picture above is of a cast sculpture of the saints carrying his body to Durham. Durham of course is also famous for its other … [Read more...]

St. Andrews Highlights 2


Two of the nicest people on the planet, and certainly two of the nicest associated with St. Andrews are Scott and Deborah Hafemann. These pictures are taken from their house in Crail, except the kilt picture (what other university helps you dress fit to kilt) and the one of Scott and myself at the train station. Most of the villages on the North Sea are of course fishing villages. The problem with St. Andrews is that it is wicked expensive to live there, due to the golf etc. and huge influx … [Read more...]

The Durham Chronicles–Always Take the Weather with You


There is a famous song by Crowded House about having four seasons in one day, with the choral advice 'wherever you go, always take the weather with you'. It would surely be nice if you could do that, especially in the United Kingdom. But alas and alack, the United Kingdom is a largish island (plus extra bits) and cannot hold a weather pattern. Here, the old adage if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes, can actually be true.There have been studies, lengthy ones, on the effects … [Read more...]

The Vows of Silence– Susan Hill’s Fourth Crime Novel


Once is an anomaly, twice is the beginning of a pattern. Susan Hill carries story or character lines over from one Simon Serailler novel to the next, which is not a bad thing, but what it does mean is: 1) you need to read the series in order, and 2) you'd better read them all. This particular novel has as its crime story, the story of a lone shooter who is an expert marksman and apparently he has it out for young women about to get married. This story line could be called the spine of this … [Read more...]

The Durham Chronicles– the Highland Fling


By now, everyone in the world knows that Will and Kate hung out at St. Andrews for a good while before they became king and queen in waiting, just proving that anything is possible if you go to St. Andrews..... which I did last Sunday, and stayed a couple of days with my friends Tom and Maggie Wright, and Scott and Deborah Hafemann. It would be hard to find nicer hosts, and the students were pretty great to, whom I met at my lecture, and in a luncheon meeting. St. Andrews definitely has one of … [Read more...]

The Boston Marathon Massacre


Exactly twenty years ago yesterday I was running the Boston marathon... it was Patriots Day 1993. It was one of the greatest and most religious experiences I have ever had, and it strengthened my faith. Patriots Day, the day we remember what the Patriots did to help us secure our freedoms, our democracy. It is always a day of celebration, joy, and for the marathoners who finish, agony and ecstasy. I remember well my dear old friend Rick Sanders meeting me at the finish line, taking the … [Read more...]