Palm Sunday Sermon


Here is the link to my Palm Sunday sermon---- … [Read more...]

The New Cambridge History of the Bible

Here's an update from Larry Hurtado.... New Cambridge History of the Bible by larryhurtadoThe morning post today included a flyer announcing the publication of the first two (of four) volumes of the New Cambridge History of the Bible by Cambridge University Press (CUP). Those familiar with the Cambridge History of the Bible (CHB, a three-volume set published 1963-1970) will especially welcome this thorough-going new version of that classic and valuable work.Volume 1 = The Bible … [Read more...]

Translation Hysteria

BW0486- Crape Myrtle - Corinth

(The following is a helpful post by Larry Hurtado.  It also reminds us that it is possible for Evangelicals to look really stupid when they over-react to something without doing fact check first).I've just been alerted to the latest hysterical reaction to translating the NT. (Of course, the week isn't over yet, so we could get something else by Friday!) In the new translation called The Voice Bible (Thomas Nelson Publishers), the choice was made to go for a more dynamic translation of … [Read more...]

The Cardinal Virtues


Big ole bulbous spider sat on the window screen.....Along came the cardinal and wiped the window clean....(N.B. This is an Asbury cardinal, not a Catholic one).Thanks to Justin for the pics from our classroom window today !! … [Read more...]

More Grisham for your Mill


John Grisham is nothing if not prolific, but far be it from moi to complain about that, as it would be an example of the pot calling the kettle black. In recent years John has branched out into non-fiction, and more recently into teenage fiction with his Theo Boone kid lawyer series (now in its third iteration). Grisham is broadening his audience base, and perhaps creating new clientele for the future. I've now read two of the three teen novels, and they are quite good. Indeed, in some … [Read more...]

Academic Freedom and Evangelical Seminaries

Here is a very interesting post by Larry Hurtado. My own view is that Christian institutions which have statements of faith that faculty are expected to sign or affirm in order to teach there have every right to hold their faculty accountable for what they say and do, though this should be done in a fair and compassionate manner. The problem is, that too many institutions leave it up entirely to the administration to decide whether a faculty person should be let go or not, though some have … [Read more...]

The Holy Land in IMAX 3D

There is a film to be released in 2013 of which this clip is but a trailer.  Enjoy:  … [Read more...]

Hurtado’s Take on Douglas Campbell’s Tome


----------- Douglas Campbell’s “Rereading” of Paul by larry hurtadoIn an earlier posting I drew attention to the review of recent Pauline scholarship by Tom Wright in the latest issue of Expository Times (vol. 123,May 2012), and mentioned that the same issue contains a large article by Douglas Campbell in which he sets out to summarize and underscore key emphases of his massive tome, The Deliverance of God: An Apocalyptic Rereading of Justification in Paul (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2009). Ca … [Read more...]

The Origins of Ethiopian Christianity

Here is a fine NY Times article about the origins of the Orthodox Church in Ethiopia. … [Read more...]