Hurtado’s Take on Douglas Campbell’s Tome


----------- Douglas Campbell’s “Rereading” of Paul by larry hurtadoIn an earlier posting I drew attention to the review of recent Pauline scholarship by Tom Wright in the latest issue of Expository Times (vol. 123,May 2012), and mentioned that the same issue contains a large article by Douglas Campbell in which he sets out to summarize and underscore key emphases of his massive tome, The Deliverance of God: An Apocalyptic Rereading of Justification in Paul (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2009). Ca … [Read more...]

The Origins of Ethiopian Christianity

Here is a fine NY Times article about the origins of the Orthodox Church in Ethiopia. … [Read more...]

What the Bible Says about Women

See this post about a podcast interview on the Bible and women. … [Read more...]

Spirited Discourse on God’s Gender


Spirited Discourse about God Language in the New Testament (this is an expanded form of a recent article that I did for BAR).In John 4, in his discussion with the Samaritan woman, Jesus has some profound things to say about the nature of worship, and indeed about the nature of God, and the connection between the two. Here are the words attributed to Jesus himself: “the hour is coming and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father s … [Read more...]

The Yard Sale

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THE YARD SALEThe soldiers with their dice Gambled for his clothes, A sort of ancient yard sale The victim they’d expose.And as I stood out in the rain The hoards came in due course To buy our daughter’s precious things And bargain without remorse,It seemed to me as I watched A spectacle inhumane The rag-pickers didn’t care Whose loss had brought their gain. In one sense it surely seemed She left a piece at a time Not for thirty silver coins, They haggled over … [Read more...]

Kind of Blue, Like Jazz

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By now, Sheldon, in Big Bang Theory, is probably the most famous geek from Texas who grew up in a fundamentalist household. Not far behind surely is Donald Miller, only his story is true, or truish.... anyway, in a post modern kind of way. You will perhaps look in vain to find Blue like Jazz in the theaters, and here in Lexington it only showed up a week late at the Kentucky Theater. Never mind, it is worth the wait.This is not your ordinary Christian movie. It's not one that will … [Read more...]

Evangelicals and the Religious Left

Here is a helpful post by my Asbury colleague and friend, Craig Keener.  … [Read more...]

Critical Thinking— What Is it and Why is it Important to Believers?


Critical thinking has become something of a hot topic in reason years, even within the context of conservative Christianity. Here, to start us off are several definitions culled from the Wikipedia page on critical thinking--- Critical thinking has been described as “reasonable reflective thinking focused on deciding what to believe or do.”[2] It has also been described as "thinking about thinking."[3] It has been described in more detail as "the intellectually disciplined process of actively an … [Read more...]

Wright and Wrong on the New Perspective on Paul


The following is Larry Hurtado's summary and assessment of a new article by Tom Wright. ------ Wright Reviews Scholarship on Paul by larryhurtadoProbably writing sometime ca. 70-120 CE, the author of 2 Peter refers to a collection of Paul's letters as already enjoying a scriptural status, but observes that "there are some things in them hard to understand" (2 Peter 3:15-16). Such has it ever been, so it seems, now perhaps more than ever. Hence, the major industry comprising Pauline … [Read more...]