A Christmas Sermon– Logos Logic


LOGOS LOGIC (John 1. 1-18) TRAILING CLOUDS OF GLORY Tallula Bankhead was undoubtedly one of the most flamboyant and colorful women of her era. She talked loud, she dressed loud, she was not known for her subtlety. She was also not much given to attending church. But on one occasion she heard that there was to be some real pageantry and ceremony at the local Catholic Cathedral for a famous bishop was coming to town for a special worship service. She decided she wanted to go … [Read more...]

Sherlock Holmes– Lurking in the Shadows


It was with 'not a little' anticipation that I went, 'quite readily', to see the new Sherlock Holmes film at the cinema this evening. I wanted to know if 'the game's still afoot', or if the game is lame. The previews had been more than a little alluring, the female characters quite fetching (indeed you saw them fetching all sorts of things), and Watson and Holmes were back on a case that involved Moriarty, 'the Napoleon of crime', or in this case the bin Laden of arms dealers. The great … [Read more...]

Remembering Jesus,the McIver Book– Final Part


In an Appendix Robert McIver has assembled some very interesting raw data. In this post we will deal with it first, and then with the conclusions to his study. Some of these conclusions will come as something of shock to some of our readers. For example, McIver assembles the raw data from studies of the relevant period's skeletal remains. Average age at death of women--- about 34 years of age. Average age at death of men--- about 36 years of age. Of course one has to take into account the … [Read more...]

First Major Hobbit Trailer!

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Towards Biblical Theology– Part Two


( A further excerpt from the Indelible Image Vol. Two).NURTURING A SENSE OF PROGRESSIVE REVELATIONBiblical theology, or canonical theology, or Biblical ethics or canonical ethics if they are even going to be attempted should not be done in an a-historical manner, as if the Bible could be treated flatly as a thesaurus of theological and ethical ideas in which ‘salvation’ in Exodus, means exactly the same thing as ‘saved by grace through faith in Christ’ means in Ephesians. If there is n … [Read more...]

Towards Biblical Theology— Part One


(In January we will start with a bang by reviewing and critiquing the fine new book by R. Feldmeier and H. Spieckerman, God of the Living. A Biblical Theology. In preparation for that, what follows in the posts leading up to the end of the year are excerpts from my own The Indelible Image.Vol. 2 that prepare us for that discussion. --------THE THOUGHT WORLDS OF THE OT AND NT, AND THE WAY FORWARD“When the author of the play steps out on the stage, the play is over.”—C.S. Lewis“In us … [Read more...]

The Descendants— Trouble in Paradise


Ah the beauties of Hawaii and the ugliness of broken human relationships juxtaposed. Add to all that the problems of dealing with death when you don't really believe in life after death. Here is a story written by a Hawaiian about believable life on the islands. And also trouble in paradise.The Descendants is indeed a powerful movie, and a perfect vehicle for Kentucky 'homey' George Clooney to show his full dynamic range. Clooney plays a self-absorbed millionaire facing a major … [Read more...]

Remembering Jesus, The McIver Book— Part Seven


Scholarly books should not be evaluated on the basis of their length. A weighty tome may not be a useful one, just a verbose one. On the other hand, some short books are rich and rewarding and repay close study. Robert McIver's book is one of the latter sort of books.In the ninth chapter of this brief but important study the stress is on the significance of the fact that Jesus was a teacher. Indeed, some 56 times he is addressed as teacher or rabbi in the Gospels. Further, of the 55 … [Read more...]

Mission Insanity— MI4


I was cruising along through Chapel Hill a couple of days ago and my daughter Christy and her boyfriend decided we need to go see the latest Cruise missile in IMAX size. This meant going to the Southpoint Mall in Durham to see the latest installment of the Mission Impossible Saga, in glorious eardrum bursting IMAX complete with rock concert sized sound.It has been a while since we have had an episode in this film series, and while they have been filled with amazing stunts and scenes, … [Read more...]