Worship at Christmas– Part One

Advent and Christmas are the perfect times to think about the very nature of Christian worship. Oddly, strangely you seldom hear a pastor talk about the theology of worship, the character of worship, the nature of worship at any time of year. I was doing this very thing once in Austin Texas in a Presbyterian Church, and the universal response was-- "Why has no one told us this before?" It seems a common lament. So in this series we are going to talk about 'worship in Spirit and truth', and … [Read more...]

Christmas Season– It’s Time to Come Home!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ozlo2FOs0Ho … [Read more...]

Ted Turner wants to go to Heaven

Here is a small part of an article about the conversation Ted Turner recently had with Wolf Blitzer.... see what you think...----Turner's rocky relationship with his supreme being, assuming there is one, stems back to childhood.When he was very young, he dreamed of being a missionary. Then his little sister, Mary Jean, got sick at age 12. He watched as she suffered terribly from a rare form of lupus and complications that left her with brain damage and screaming in pain for years … [Read more...]

Romeo and Juliet (2013)

In the old days, before Blockbuster became busted, there used to be a whole section marked 'romantic comedies'. There was however no section marked romantic tragedies. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet however is a classic romantic tragedy. And it has recently (Oct. 11th was the release), been refilmed, and then become a box office bust. Julian Fellowes of Downton Abbey fame is responsible for the screenplay. Is the script basically faithful to the original play? Well yes. But in various ways … [Read more...]

Andrew Hamblin and Snake Religion and Mark 16

Perhaps you have seen his TV show--- Snake Church, a reality show on Nat. Geo. Andrew Hamblin is a member of the Church of God. His church is on a gravel road in Campbell County, north of Knoxville. And recently he has gotten some attention he really didn't want. The Law came and took away a bunch of poisonous snakes from his church. He sees this as a violation of church and state. They see it as a violation of the law of the state of Tenn. which does indeed regulate who can and can't have … [Read more...]

Sycamore Row– Sick of More Racism?

I remember the ride very clearly. It was a good number years ago and we were on the way to Tupelo for me to do a continuing ed event at First Church Tupelo. My friend Bud Gordon pointed to a big spread on the right side of the highway and said, "That's John Grisham place. That is, it was until he moved to Virginia." How does one go from being a small state small time lawyer to being a big time novelist? The most natural straight line from A to B, is to write convincingly about what you … [Read more...]

‘Comfortably Numb’??

There is a Pink Floyd song entitled 'Comfortably Numb'. It is about medicating yourself presumably, about drugs to dull the pain of existence. Of course it could be about the use of novocaine during oral surgery so you will be 'comfortably numb' before the drilling. But I want to talk about the effect of the total bombardment from the media in their coverage of one world disaster after another, after another.What happens is after a while there is what is called 'compassion fatigue'. … [Read more...]

Old Dragon Breath is Coming, And he has a Bad Hobbit

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPVWy1tFXuc … [Read more...]

The Legacy of Mandela– Non-Violence and Forgiveness as a Means of Change

There are probably only a distinct minority of persons on this globe who have not heard of Nelson Mandela, a man imprisoned for 27 years on Robbens Island for protesting the evils of apartheid. Millions have even seen the movie Invictus or read his biography about the long road to freedom. It was a long road for Mandela himself, and one that led eventually to his being the President of South Africa and a Nobel Peace prize winner. He has been an inspirational figure for millions, and having … [Read more...]