The Gulet Boat Adventures and More: Part Eleven

Today we went to visit a ghost town, with a tragic story behind it. The town is called Kayakoy, and it was a thriving Greek village near the coast of Turkey until 1923…. the horrible year of repatriation, when millions of Greeks were sent packing back to Greece (never mind they had lived there for over two thousand years) while hundreds and thousands of Turks were sent from Greece back to Turkey. This village basically became a ghost town over… Read more

On a Hill Far Away, A Song—– The Hillsong Phenomenon

There is a very fine article in the NY Times this morning on the spreading influence of Hillsong, opening churches in lots of places, including now NY and L.A. Here is the link, see what you think….″ title=”Hillsong”> Here’s a clue—– it’s all about the music, and the exhilarating experience. Read more

The Gulet Boat Adventures and More: Part Ten

Fethiye has a lovely little museum of its own, and if you walk there you see yet more Lykian sarcophagi….. like this one just sitting in a public school yard…. Aslan welcomes you into this fine one floor museum. Once inside the air conditioned museum (unlike the big one in Istanbul— hint, hint), there is a useful map which shows us not only where Fethiye is but where the Lykian kingdom was…. And while you’re pondering that, here is a… Read more

From Black Jackets to Blue Notes

‘If Music be the food of love—- play on!’ said Shakespeare, and he was right. I have had quite the musical weekend, in between a lot of work for CNN, recording some shows for next Easter week. First, Ann and I went to see the Black Jacket Symphony perform a note for note rendering of the classic Fleetwood album—- Rumors. And then in the second half of the concert perform some of Mac’s other great songs and hits. It was… Read more

The Gulet Boat Adventures and More: Part Eight

We left Rhodes and headed to Fethiye to see the Lykian rock cut tombs, explore a museum, and to celebrate an anniversary and a birthday. Ann and I were celebrating our 37th anniversary on June 4th, and our guide and good friend Mel was soon thereafter celebrating a birthday. So, party first, explore later….. here are some shots from the surprise party on the boat! Here are the cakes! As Marie Antoinette once famously said… ‘let them eat cake’. A… Read more

The Gulet Boat Adventures and More: Part Seven

There are two decent museums in the old city in Rhodes, one in the former palace, one in the former St. John’s Hospital. We will explore a few of the things there. What they reveal is that there was a very high level of culture on this island and considerable wealth (those two things often go together). This was no Gilligan’s island. On the way to the museums you have to run the gauntlet of the vendors, so how about… Read more

The Gulet Boat Adventures and More: Part Six

I got up early the next morning to take some shots before we headed off to Lindos, some third miles down the coast where lies the famous St. Paul’s bay, and a very impressive acropolis worth a visit. Acts 21.1 says Paul came somewhere at Rhodes, and it may have been this small ancient harbor. We do not know. In any case the chapel at the harbor commemorates his presence, and the setting is so beautiful that Yuliya declared she… Read more

The Gulet Boat Adventures and More: Part Five

While Rhodes is a Greek island, it is really much more cosmopolitan than many of the quaint little Greek islands. Today, only a minority of the citizens are Rhodians by descent or even more broadly Greek. All kinds of people live here and move here even to retire. So take post cards like this one with a grain a salt…. Much of the architecture and design looks non-Greek. It looks either Italian…. Or medieval as we saw in the last… Read more

The Gulet Boat Adventures and More: Part Four

Riding the boat is great fun in good weather, but we are not just wandering around, we are heading for Rhodes, a Greek island famous for its now long lost colossus. Here Ann and Yuliya are discussing what’s next while sailing to Rhodes.. Here’s a little Wiki summary about the Colossus, which once was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world…. “The Colossus of Rhodes was considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World…. Read more

The Gulet Boat Adventures and More: Part Three

I can smell the salt air, I can feel the sea breeze. It’s a great treat to go for a week long sail in a Gulet Boat. This time we were in a bigger boat than when I went in 2010. And here is our able captain, Ahmed. And here are our able young energetic deck hands… And here’s the whole crew including our fabulous chef…. with Levent. And here’s the sleeping quarters… And here’s the dining area on deck,… Read more

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