On Problem Texts in the NT

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Jesus, Canon, and Authority

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Evidence of Mutilation and Deterioration— Mk. 16.


Take a close look at the two Greek manuscripts in this post. What I want you to concentrate on is the lower right hand corner of each of these pieces of papyri. What you should notice is the fraying, deterioration, and disappearance of this part of the manuscript. Contrast this with the left hand margin of these two papyri which are in tact. This pattern is regularly apparent to the observant student of Greek papyri. Why? Because in antiquity as in the 20th century with VHS tapes, people … [Read more...]

E. Stanley Jones Devotional Resource


E Stanley Jones was a giant when it comes to missionary work in India, but less well in our day are his wonderful writings as well which are Biblically challenging and spiritually rich. Some of you will know that it was in fact Jone's biography of Gandhi that so influenced Martin Luther King Jr. in his decision to pursue a non-violent approach to the civil rights movement.In this post I simply want to commend one recently re-edited and republished devotional work entitled The Word Became … [Read more...]

The Psalter Renewed— Two New Songbooks


One of the more exciting new developments in the Protestant tradition is the writing of new tunes and new paraphrases for the Psalms. The Psalms are of course the songbook of ancient Israel, used in the Temple, which is why we have the name of tunes and even conductors from time to time in the Psalter. There is of course a long rich tradition in Protestantism of singing the psalms, indeed the earliest publication in America seems to have been the Bay Psalter songbook from New England.The … [Read more...]

The Ripening of the Green Collection


On Friday Last I was in Charlotte to view a very small portion of the Green Collection of Biblical manuscripts, including not only old Bibles (e.g. Tyndale, KJV, Coverdale) but original OT and NT manuscripts, Qumran manuscripts, cuneiform tablets, and a host of other things (there are some 40,000 pieces to the Green Collection and counting). This collection has been assembled at an incredible rate, since 2009, with the Green's buying up all kinds of manuscripts and artifacts on the open … [Read more...]

Love’s Labor’s Won


John Chrysostom, one of the greatest preachers of all Christian history once said: Homileticians “should not be governed by their desires. It is impossible to acquire this power except by these two qualities: contempt of praise and the force of eloquence. If either is lacking, the one left is made useless by the divorce from the other. If a preacher despises praise yet does not produce the kind of teaching which is ‘with grace, seasoned with salt,’ he is despised by the people, and his sublime wo … [Read more...]

Hobbitses, Dwarves, and Elves on the Loose


Shots from the December 2012 release-- 'An Unexpected Journey' … [Read more...]

John Piper on Men in Ministry, and the Masculinity of Christianity


Alert reader of this blog, Craig Beard sent me the following link which presented a precis of John Piper's recent address at a conference on the 'Masculinity of Christianity'. Here is the link---http://www.christianpost.com/news/john-piper-god-gave-christianity-a-masculine-feel-68385/. God and Jesus, on this showing are not in favor of women in ministry, or for that matter female images of the deity either, despite the fact that there are many such images in the Bible. If you take time to … [Read more...]