Early Manuscripts of the Gospel of Thomas


Early Manuscripts of the Gospel of Thomas by larryhurtadoIn writing a commissioned essay on "Who Read Early Christian Apocrypha?" for a multi-author volume, I drew upon an earlier study I made a few years ago: "The Greek Fragments of the Gospel of Thomas as Artefacts: Papyrological Observations on Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 1, Papyrus Oxrhynchus 654 and Papyrus Oxrhynchus 655," published in Das Thomasevangelium: Enstehung--Rezeption--Theologie, eds. Jorg Frey, edzard Popkes and Jens Schroeter … [Read more...]

Edinburgh Conference on St. Pete

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Edinburgh Conference on the Apostle Peter, July 2013by larryhurtadoThe Centre for the Study of Christian Origins (CSCO, University of Edinburgh) announces a conference focused on the Apostle Peter to be held in New College Edinburgh 4-6 July 2013. The conference will feature invited presentations by Timothy Barnes, Markus Bockmuehl, Sean Freyne, Peter Lampe, Tobias Nicklas, Margaret Williams, and myself. Here is the conference flyer.Within the next week or so, we aim to have … [Read more...]

Judith McNutt’s Story of Charley


Eastern Kentucky is a world unto itself. And it is populated by a whole bunch of Baptist Churches, and other sorts as well. This week we were fortunate enough to have Francis McNutt's wife, Judith, here at Asbury for a healing conference. In the process of preaching in chapel, we got the following story.Judith, as it turns out, is a Kentucky girl. She grew up in Jackson Kentucky, a little wide place in the road, not that far from Camden Kentucky. Anyway, there was a little Baptist … [Read more...]

Cloud Atlas— All over the Map, and Partly Cloudy


At the beginning of this movie we are told it is about God and his plan for humankind. Along the way we hear a mantra about 'the weak are meat and the strong shall eat'. At the end we are asked if we believe in an afterlife which seems to mean in this film: 1) a life that recurs through several incarnations in this space-time continuum, not in some heaven or hell; 2) a life that has had former lives in previous human historical periods; 3) a life that passes through death and gets a do over, … [Read more...]

A Hobbit Second Breakfast for You— at Denny’s

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O.K. so you are looking for a chance to get into the spirit of the coming Hobbit movie, imbibe the very essence of it, consume the substance of it..... without of course actually reading the book. Well American Tolkien fans there is now something you can do (and as a double bonus fulfill the Isaianic commandment to 'delight thyself in fatness...'). You can go to Dennys!!! I give you the latest news sent to me from Hobbiton...."We know them for their Grand slam breakfast and other … [Read more...]

BW3 on his Gordon-Conwell Education

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Early Christian Mauscripts and their Audiences


Here's another helpful post by our colleague Larry Hurtado. Early Christian Manuscripts and Their Readersby larryhurtadoA few days ago I noted the publication of a multi-author volume: The Early Text of the New Testament, edited by Charles E. Hill and Michael J. Kruger (Oxford University Press). In this posting I give the gist of my own contribution to that volume: "Manuscripts and the Sociology of Early Christian Reading" (pp. 49-62).I take my cue from a fascinating article … [Read more...]

The Worst Bible Reader in the World

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NA-bCFJJZzU … [Read more...]

Jack Sasson— An Old Friend, a Good Scholar, a Remarkable Story

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Here is a wonderful story about someone I have known and admired for more than 50 years. He taught Hebrew and related subjects at Carolina while I was there between 1970-74. Later our paths crossed at Vanderbilt when I adjuncted there. His life story is an inspiration. The following is an excerpt from the Vanderbilt Register story.Syrian-born divinity professor discovers America as the land of opportunitySensing growing hostilities toward Jews, Professor Jack Sasson and his … [Read more...]