Towards the end of my college years, I read a book that I really loved, recommended by Dr. Boyd— Abraham Joshua Heschel’s The Prophets (two volumes). I still love it. For the first time I began to see the prophets as real flesh and blood people, real passionate believers, and I learned about their pathos, what really moved and exercised them. The books focused on their sense of divine love, on ‘hesed’ and what it meant. Suddenly the prophets were… Read more

It is, under any circumstances, quite difficult to catch fire twice with the same story line. Lightning, as it turns out seldom strikes twice in the same place. Yet, if you have a compelling cast, a good storyline, some wit and some wisdom, and an interesting enough setting it does happen once in a while. On the cast front, and the setting front ‘The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ gets the nod as a worthy sequel. Unfortunately, the second movie… Read more

The journey has been a long one for me. It’s taken reading several thousand books over the years. It really began back in high school when I read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. That really stuck with me. So did Leslie Weatherhead’s little book on The Will of God. I remember a book on the Shroud of Turin which was fascinating too. Of course I also read all the Tolkien, and Lewis, and Williams, and Sayers volumes I could… Read more

In honor of my sister’s birthday, I pass along this story from alert reader Jim Horn… A flustered woman hurried to the pharmacy to get medication for her sick child, got back to her car and saw that she had locked her keys inside. She found a rusty coat hanger on the ground, looked at it and said to herself, “I don’t know how to use this.” Not knowing what to do, the woman bowed her head and asked God… Read more

Valentine’s weekend. Warm thoughts, cold everything else. Only we were headed to Boston for a long weekend and a conference. Except the blizzard came to town, and I don’t mean the DQ blizzard. We never got to Boston, and watching the Valentine’s Day massacre on the highways and byways around Boston, and the 79 freaking inches of snow pile up, we were glad we never got there. So….. instead, Boston came to us. Over a foot of dry powdery snow,… Read more

Ah retirement, the desideratum of millions of Americans. And in the culture of entitlement of course, if someone takes away your retirement, well, those are fighting words. Retirement is of course a totally modern, not a Biblical concept. The idea that you should be able to live out your golden years traveling around in a gas-guzzling Winnabago, spending your grandchildren’s inheritance, is of course just another bit of nice narcissism promoted by our culture. There is nothing Biblical about it…. Read more

Well ‘its not a matter of life and death’. You hear this all the time as a common sense expression. What it reflects is the ethical priorities of our culture. Every culture has a value hierarchy, and ‘going on living, whatever the cost, because you only go around once in this life’ seems to be at the top of our value hierarchy. Continuing living seems to trump truth, or honor. We’d rather lie than die. We’d rather be publicly shamed… Read more

“It’s just common sense, you’re supposed to look out for number one, and for your family, and anything else comes after that.” Ah the logic of self-preservation and self-protection and self-service. It is everywhere in our culture. It is so basic to our individualistic and narcissistic culture that you hardly hear it either defended or explained. It’s just taken for granted. You even hear Christians say things like this, which is just another sign of Biblical illiteracy being rampant in… Read more

On first blush this episode could just as easily been called ‘Finding John the Baptizer’. On the whole I thought this episode was certainly better, with less pure conjecture and less dogmatic pronouncements based on carbon dating involved. I thought that the testing of the bone found under the Bulgarian monastery was quite interesting, though of course things could only be narrowed down to it came from the right period and the right region. But the Oxford project of testing… Read more

Here’s a little excerpt from the John the Baptist portion of the Finding Jesus series….. Read more

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