Recent Historical Jesus Discussion

“Historical Jesus” Debate: An Unexamined Premise? by larryhurtado (WHAT FOLLOWS IS A POST BY MY FRIEND AND COLLEAGUE LARRY HURTADO)The latest issue of Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus arrived earlier this week, a special issue devoted to the topic of what contribution "Evangelical" scholars might be able to make to the on-going discussion.  It will be interesting to see what the various authors (who include prominent "Evangelical" scholars and also a cou … [Read more...]

Pictures from the Paul Simon Concert


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Were the Puritans Pure or Puritanical?


Here is an interesting post about the Puritans by Peter Lawler. What is most interesting about it is the original observations of de Tocqueville about the money-grubbing Virginians and the simple living Puritans. … [Read more...]

Ye Olde Thanksgiving


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Thanksgiving Cartoon


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The Mentor and Child Reunion— Paul Simon in Northern Kentucky


On my bucket list of things to do before I go to meet my Maker, was to get to hear one of our national treasures play and sing---- Paul Simon. The clock has been ticking on this one increasingly loudly because Paul Simon after all is 70.....70!! Which of course is a testimony to how old I am as well. I have already reviewed his fabulous recent album 'So Beautiful..or So What' on this blog so you can seek that out. In my book, it should win album of the year at the Grammys--- hands down. … [Read more...]

Three Recent Translations of the New Testament


Of the making of Bible translations there is no end, and that actually is a good thing for two reasons: 1) we are constantly finding new info on the Greek New Testament in its earliest forms, and 2) English is a moving target, a living and developing language. If only for these two reasons we have a right to expect the continual attempt to communicate the original text in understandable contemporary English. In this particular post I want to focus on three recent translations--- one by an … [Read more...]

Leaning into the Sermon— Part Three


There are lots of different kinds of deliveries. There's regular mail, there's Fed Ex, there's UPS... we could go on and on. But when it comes to the delivery of the sermon it's not just about fast or slow, regular or irregular. There are more effective and less effective ways of communicating with a particular audience. Here, knowing one's audience is crucial. There is a difference between a word on target, and using the buckshot approach and hoping to hit something. Of course this means … [Read more...]

Leaning into the Sermon– Part Two


There is of course a long history of preaching, inside and outside of the church. It's called a sermon or revival message inside the church, evangelism outside the church, though it's only one form of evangelism of course. My concern in this post is to talk about the rather drab and dismal state of preaching in some quarters these days, even in Evangelical churches.While of course it is true that the Holy Spirit is involved in the process of preaching, and provides inspiration and … [Read more...]