The Slaughtering of the Innocents—- Again

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We are all familiar with the story of nasty old King Herod and the slaughtering of the innocents. Herod was indeed a paranoid Idumean who just happened to be king in Judaea. There would always be questions about his legitimacy as a ruler in that land. And in order to maintain his throne he was prepared to kill some of his wives and offspring as well. 'Paranoia strikes deep/ into your life it will creep/ it starts when you're always afraid....step out of line 'the man' comes and take you … [Read more...]

Truckin….. Turkish Style

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The following is a picture taken by my buddy Mark Fairchild during our travels in eastern Turkey. Maybe it was one of Santa's helpers???? I mean it must have taken elves to stack that stuff one on top of the other. Notice that the back tires are entirely flat!!! … [Read more...]

The Hobbit— Part One: Darkness Creeps into Middle Earth


By now, if you have not been living in a hole in the ground, you will know that the Hobbit is the prequel to the Lord of the Rings. You may also know that it has been vivisected into three segments... the first of which Peter Jackson has entitled 'An Unexpected Journey'. Here's where I tell you the journey takes some two hours and 46 minutes. This is not a children's film, I repeat not a children's film, and not just because of its length. There are in addition so many scary video game like … [Read more...]

The Complete Hobbit Soundtrack … [Read more...]

‘The Christian World of the Hobbit?’ Part Two


The theme of providence is actually raised in the Hobbit (and its sequels) in an unusual way-- it is called, 'luck of an unusual kind'(and one might add, to an unusual degree). Bilbo was 'meant' to find the ring, and 'meant' to bring it back, and 'meant' to pass it on to Frodo, who in turn was 'meant' to take it to Mt. Mordor and dispose of it. The unseen hand has an invisible plan, but at the same time, Tolkien's world is not a world of sheer pre-determination. To use Lewis' terminology … [Read more...]

‘The Christian World of the Hobbit?’ Part One


With the Hobbit frenzy now being at fever pitch, Abingdon Press has done well to publish a book such as Devin Brown's latest exploration of one of the Inklings works entitled 'The Christian World of the Hobbit' (208 pages, Abingdon, 2012). Brown is an accomplished scholar who teaches at Asbury University and he has previously spent a good deal of his research and writing time on the Chronicles of Narnia. Now that the filming of that good ship Narnia has sailed, or better said sunk, with the … [Read more...]

The Hobbits are Coming, the Hobbits are Coming (Dec. 14th)! … [Read more...]

What’s Really Happening at Christmas?

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[Read more...]

Give me Liberty, or Give Me Football

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Here is an interesting article from the NY Times about the attempt to develop big time NCAA football at Liberty University, creating an Evangelical powerhouse longing to rival Notre Dame, or say Baylor. See what you think. … [Read more...]