Hurtado on why Crossan’s Jesus Won’t Do

Here is a reprint of an article by my friend Larry Hurtado on---- Why Was Jesus Crucified? by larryhurtadoOn Good Friday (today), it's appropriate to address the question of why Jesus was crucified. Earlier this week on Radio 4 a well-meaning "thought for the day" presenter opined that Jesus' problem was that he was just a helluva nice guy up against some mean old religious leaders. They didn't like his more free-wheeling "can't we all just love one another" stance, and so . . . they … [Read more...]

‘The Jesus Discovery’— Now That the Dust has Settled


Now that the post Easter dust has begun to settle, and the Discovery Channel special has come and gone with its juxtaposition of important and interesting information about early ossuaries and unlikely speculations about their connections with Joseph of Arimathea and Jesus of Nazareth, it is perhaps time to point out a few flies in the ointment.   First of all let's start with the James ossuary itself (and yes I am printing up the T shirts as we speak that read 'Free the James Ossuary').    … [Read more...]



One of the perennial problems Christian readers of the Bible have is figuring out the relationship of the OT to the NT, or the old covenant to the new covenant, and in particular the relationship of the Mosaic covenant to the new covenant. Too often what happens in conservative Protestant circles is that the Bible is read in a flat way, such that it is assumed that anything said in the OT is just as revealing of God’s good and perfect will or highest and best for humankind as anything said in t … [Read more...]

Edinburgh Papyri

Edinburgh Papyri by larry hurtadoYesterday, I led a group of about 15 PhD students to the Special Collections unit in the University of Edinburgh main library to examine their collection of papyri from Oxyrhynchus. The library holds about 20 such items, which came from the early years of the excavations in that site. None of the papyri held in our library is a Christian text, but a number of them are lst or 2nd century in date. Nevertheless, for the students, it was their first opportunity … [Read more...]

A Review of Is There a Doctor in the House?

Is There A Doctor In the House: An Insider’s Story And Advice On Becoming A Biblical Scholar March 23, 2012 in Books, Guest Contributors with 5 Comments and 0 ReactionsX Hello there! If you are new at the Pangea Blog, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed or join the email update list.***A Guest Post by Lawrence Garcia.Scholars, we energetically read their books, we quote their work to lend credibility to everything from blogs to school p … [Read more...]

Mirror Image

1980 2

MIRROR IMAGE When the mind is the only mirrorIn which you can see her face,You worry the image will fadeOr time may erase What’s left of your vibrant girlWhat’s left of your old worldWhat’s left of your hopes and dreamsWhat’s left of your plans and schemes…. But then it slowly dawnsThat her life goes onAnd the closer you draw to the LordThe closer the threefold cord Between you and Him and her…. … [Read more...]

A Guide to Raising Your Hand in Class

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Esperanza Spalding– Radio Music Society


Esperanza Spalding is, as they say, polymath. She can do jazz, she can do classical, she can do blues, she can do pop/rock. The only thing I've not heard her do is Gospel. And she writes her own stuff, as well as giving spiffy reinterpretations to tunes by Stevie Wonder, Wayne Shorter and others. And did I mention the girl has a nice (though somewhat thin) voice, and can play the daylights out of the bass (her primary instrument).Her new CD, Radio Music Society, comes on the heels of … [Read more...]

A Week in the Life of Corinth— Goes Live


Imagine what it would be like to spend a week in Paul's Corinth--- as a freedman caught between two wealthy patricians who want your services.....and then you meet Paul. This little novella is now available in a print edition, and it includes all kinds of pictures and explanations of daily life in Corinth in the NT era, all supporting the novella itself. And yes... there will be a Kindle edition eventually. Here's a affordable opportunity to get inside the life of first century … [Read more...]