Orlando Bloom on Legolas— ‘I Was So Much Older then, I’m Younger than that Now’

More than a decade has now passed since the filming of the original Lord of the Rings series, however, Orlando Bloom has the task of having to look younger in his role of Legolas, considering The Hobbit takes place much earlier.  Orlando Bloom discussed this challenge and gave his thoughts at a recent press junket, where he had much to say about the new movie.  When asked how he plans do it, he responded, saying “Dude, magic. Good genes…I don’t know what to tell you, a bit of make-up … [Read more...]

Beware— 'The Ides of March'

George Clooney likes politically themed movies.  And he has done some fine ones in the past  (see Good Night, and Good Luck).  And this particular movie, just released, is set in northern Kentucky and Cinci,  Kentucky being George's home turf.    The scenario is plausible, the setting is a primary (finally a movie that has good timing), and the cast is absolutely an A list cast.   Furthermore the plot is tight, and it has several twists and turns.   What's not to like?  Well frankly, almost all o … [Read more...]

The Princess’s Library— Thousands of Years Ago


http://uk.io9.com/5805358/the-story-behind-the-worlds-oldest-museum-built-by-a-babylonian-princess-2500-years-ago?skyline=true&s=i … [Read more...]

Calling upon the Name of the Lord—Prayer to and Worship of Jesus

“Calling upon the name of the Lord” by larryhurtadoIn the continuing discussion about earliest Christian devotional practice and beliefs, especially how Jesus figured in them, a work that has not received the attention I think it deserves is this one.  I've cited it a number of times, and have had occasion to consult it again in connection with a current essay-project.Carl Judson Davis, The Name and Way of the Lord:  Old Testament Themes and New Testament Christology (Sheffield:  Sheff … [Read more...]

Magical Midori

The house was sold out, and it was the gala opening of the symphony season for the Lexington Philharmonic.  But it was not the opening of just any season, but of the 50th season of this symphony orchestra.  Lexington is very fortunate, as a city of 330,000 to have a full-fledged symphony and to have it supported so well for a half century. Of course part of this is that because of the fine music degrees and programs at U.K. There is a good talent pool to choose from for playing in the orchestra, … [Read more...]

Peter Berger on Professor Habermas

What Happens when a Leftist Philosopher Discovers God? Peter Berger Society is the social science journal superbly edited by Jonathan Imber. In its fall issue it carries an article by Philippe Portier (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes in Paris), entitled “Religion and Democracy in the Thought of Juergen Habermas”. Coincidentally, in a recent issue of the German news magazine Der Spiegel, Habermas is on a list of German celebrity intellectuals who pop up continuously in the media. (The list inc … [Read more...]

Attention Tea Party Advocates

Thanks Elizabeth.  There are no self-made persons in this country. And there would be no social fabric to this country were it not for taxes--- no roads, no fire department, no police department, no traffic lights, no garbage collectors,  etc.  And as Elizabeth says, we have an obligation to those who come after us, to pay it forward.  For example, we need enough money in the S.S. system so my children will have it when their day comes to need it.  Frankly there are two things needed for that to … [Read more...]

Attention Hobbit Wannabes—-Here is Your Big Chance

First of all, you need to hurry on down to the Middle of the northern island in New Zealand. It's only about 25 hours of flying from the eastern part of the U.S.  but well worth it.  Secondly,  you need to find Oamaru, and in particular a little road in hilly country where you will see various sheep farms (yes its true--- in New Zealand the sheep out number the people about 10 to 1).   When you get there you will discover that Peter Jackson and company are looking for about 200 or so good elves a … [Read more...]

Pauline Amnesia

(the following is a helpful post by Larry Hurtado) Scholarly Amnesia on Paul larryhurtado | September 21, 2011 at 12:02 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: http://wp.me/pYZXr-cf Unintentionally having created a controversy that (in the words of one blogger) went "viral", with what I presumed was the modest contention that those seeking a PhD in NT/Christian Origins should be able to read the Greek NT, and should also be able to engage at least scholarship in English, German and French, I … [Read more...]