A Blockhead for Jupiter

Leave it to the Romans to try something too big! The picture above is of a block of stone some 64 feet long, hand-carved, and weighing in at a massive 1200+ tons (not pounds, tons, you do the math). It was found in an ancient quarry near Baalbeck in Lebanon. It appears to have been destined to be part of the massive stairs leading up to the even more massive temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus being erected in Heliopolis. Only one problem--- transportation. Well, actually two problems-- it was … [Read more...]

The Newsroom– The Second Season

SPOILER ALERT: IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE SHOW AND DON'T WANT TO KNOW SOME OF THE PLOT, THEN SKIP PARAGRAPH 2 BELOW.There are not that many script writers in America more talented than Aaron Sorkin, who made his name with the blockbuster 'The West Wing' show which amazingly ran for seven consecutive seasons on a major network television without getting stale or old, or losing most of its audience. Even 'Lost' only survived for six seasons. But after scripting a flop called 'Studio 60 on the … [Read more...]

‘En Taxei’— Quickly or Soon?

While many Christians know that the English word 'taxi' comes from the Greek word for 'quick', what is decidedly less well know is that the mistranslation of the prepositional phrase 'en taxei' has led to all sorts of wrong conclusions about the eschatology of the NT. While en taxei can in some contexts mean ‘soon’ telling when something will happen, in Lk. 18.8 and in various other places in the NT it likely has the adverbial sense of ‘quickly’ telling ‘how’ something will happen. (cf. Acts 12. … [Read more...]

Gilbert and Sullivan meet the Biblical Philologist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3x2SvqhfevEKudos to Larry Hurtado for sending this along to me. Now we need the NT version of this.... … [Read more...]

The Self-Understanding of Jesus— Ben at Biola

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6wfjctiubc … [Read more...]

What’s the Nature of Biblical Prophecy?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35za3lkflzE … [Read more...]

The Wake Up Call— a Sermon in Estes Chapel

http://vimeo.com/111764701 … [Read more...]

Earliest Fragment of Mark’s Gospel Apparently Found

Egyptian funerary art was highly developed by the time of the NT era. It involved both mummy masks which were painted, and even sarcophagi tops were painted, as for example in this picture which I took of a Greco-Roman person buried in Egypt according to Egyptian funerary practices, but showing his ultimate origins.Sarcophagi and mummies have proved to be goldmines when it comes to the finding of recycled papyri materials. This is what we are dealing with in this new discovery.Craig … [Read more...]

Adventures in Perfectville: Part Five

El Greco's work is unmistakable, and it is often religious, such as this very famous painting of St. Peter as a penitent......Speaking of persons that Christian art has portrayed as a penitent, there are three pictures of Mary Magdalene in this small museum. All such pictures are based on the false assumption that Mary Magdalene was the same woman as the anonymous sinner woman of Lk. 7.36-50 or the equally anonymous woman caught in adultery in Jn. 7.53-8.11. In fact Mary Magdalene's … [Read more...]