Your Bible Is Missing A Few Verses

4,000,000+ people on YouTube… and countless others across the world are reciting a verse in Church that no longer exists in their Bibles. And most likely, almost none of them are aware of it. (more…) Read more

The Forgotten Truth About Halloween & the Bible

Did you know: Though Halloween is often berated by Ultra-Conservative Christians as a negative or even “Satanic” holiday, for much of Christian history, the day has been a staple Christian celebration. What’s more: Halloween, in its Christian tradition, stems from the Bible. (more…) Read more

Christians Need to Defend Gay Marriage

“When Roy Moore voices his opposition to the Supreme Court’s decision to recognize Gay Marriage, he is unaware of the irony that his very same logic was used by Christians to defend the institution of slavery and helped to allow for the 1857 decision that he objects to.” (more…) Read more

Confession: I Don’t Believe Jesus Loves Me

“Belief is where we all start, but it’s important to keep in mind that we are on a journey, a walk that continues beyond our beliefs and transforms into a relationship.” (more…) Read more

The King James Bible Removed Verses

  The King James translators over 400 years ago were no different than those of our modern times. They, like those today, had to make decisions about which manuscripts to trust, which verses to remove and which to add. (more…) Read more

Seventh-day Adventists Are Weird… And I’m One of Them

Starting a blog is always difficult and so I thought that it would be best to begin this one with an inaugurating post that addressed the elephant in the room. I am of course referring to the fact that I am, unlike the other bloggers here on Patheos, a Seventh-day Adventist.¹ (more…) Read more

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