A Letter to Liberal Single Moms

Dear Single Moms,

A new Gallup study shows that there’s a marriage gap in the Presidential race.  Married people tend be conservative, while singles tend to be liberal.  If you’re a single mom supporting Obama, then please don’t believe these media myths:

1.    Conservatives will judge you and hate you because your family doesn’t fit the ideal stereotype:

Well, I’m living proof that this isn’t the case. I wish Tripp had both a mom and a dad in the same house, but he doesn’t. Conservatives have always treated me kindly and lovingly.  If you look at the comments section of any of my blog posts, you will see that liberals are the ones who call me every name in the book.

2.    The government will take better care of you than you can take care of yourself.

Everyone needs help in life.  A lot of single moms have it pretty tough.  But no one knows better what’s best for you and the kids than you do.  One of the worst parts of government help is government control. It limits your chances for you and your kids to succeed.

3.    Conservatism is a men-only-club.

There are many wonderful conservative women role models.  In fact, I think my mom is the best example!

I know how hard it is to be a single mom, but please don’t fall for these media myths.  Be a strong, conservative, single mom!  There are more of us than you think.

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  • Keri Norton

    Well said Bristol. Although I am a married mom of four (two on earth and two in heaven); I fully stand beside the single moms I know and try to be an encouragement. It is a hard enough job when you’re married and can only imagine the challenges that arise for single moms. And yes, your mother is a great example for all women liberal and conservative. God bless you and give you wisdom as you raise Tripp.

  • http://berkerblog.blogspot.com SueB

    Great post, Bristol! Keep saying it – you’ve got the platform for it. I was a single Mom myself many years ago and had lots of caring love from many family and Church friends.

  • http://www.msswim.com Ian


    Those are fantastic rebuts!! They’re sitting there thinking that single moms don’t have the ability to think for themselves. *NEWS FLASH* They’re WRONG! Conservative Single Moms are better equipped and smarter because they don’t need the government.


  • john

    excellent keep up the good blogs so many clueless people out there are being clowned daily by lamestream media high time for people to take the time and research things for them selves and wake up before the country as we new it disappears .

  • James

    1. Conservatives will judge you and hate you because your family doesn’t fit the ideal stereotype:
    Fact- Conservatives will judge you and hate you if you don’t think exactly like they do. Conservatives will make you feel like your family is less than if it doesn’t meet their idea of what a “perfect” family is. They will say to your face that they love you, all the while working behind your back to make sure that your family will never have the same rights as their family does.
    2. The government will take better care of you than you can take care of yourself.
    Liberals don’t believe this and liberals don’t say this. This is a lie conservatives tell to misrepresent liberal thinking.
    3. Conservatism is a men-only-club.
    When conservatives spend more time on jobs bills than on bills that limit the rights of women then you might have something to say here. But for now, conservatives have done nothing recently except show that they want to control women. Women don’t need men telling them what they should or should not do, they are strong, intelligent beings and can figure it out all by themselves.

    Just wanted to clear up some of your misrepresentations again.
    Liberals are not evil Bristol, they don’t want to control you. They just don’t want you controlling them. Let people live the way they want to.

    • Gilly

      Well said James!

  • Melissa Cameron

    This is great! I’m not a mother, but I do go to a very liberal school. People here say that any woman voting for the Romney/Ryan ticket is “an absolute idiot.” It takes all my will not to debate them. I don’t want to render myself friendless though.

    • James

      I think you should engage in the debate, you might learn something you didn’t know. You can debate without being mean, and if they are your friends then you shouldn’t have to hide your identity from them. I have conservative friends and we debate, I usually win and convert them with logic, but the ones that don’t we still remain friends.

  • charli chad

    The truth. Thank you :)

  • Reallynow

    What an absolute PANT LOAD!!

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