Did My Old Neighbor Condemn an Innocent Man?

Did My Old Neighbor Condemn an Innocent Man? September 17, 2012

Remember Joe McGinniss?   He was the writer who rented the house next to ours to spy on my family while writing a book?  You may not know that months before he moved next door, he stalked us and tried to win our trust.

Apparently, he’s done that before.

Read my mom’s interesting article about him and how he may be responsible for condemning an innocent man.

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  • James

    I suggest people look at all the evidence before taking Sarah’s word for anything.
    It’s pretty damning.
    McGinniss is questionable, not defending him, but I wouldn’t believe Sarah’s opinion either. She has a tendency to stretch and twist the truth.

    • Truth101

      Maybe you should read what Gov. Palin wrote. She is just pointing out that McCreepy is a lowlife lying scumbag that makes things up.

      If you read the article you would know that Gov. Palin wrote that McCreepy’s book came out after the guilty verdict and writing a book about a man you think is innocence won’t sell books.
      What did Gov. Palin stretch and twist?

  • Cathy

    I read your Mother’s piece. She indicated that her some of her friends & family members lied to Joe. Those lies have caused her great distress. How is Joe to know they were lies when they came from family friends & members?

    • Truth101

      NO! She wrote that McCreep twisted what people said to suit what he wanted to write.

      Learn how to read.

  • Gilly

    Even the crazies on the conservative blogs are saying Sarah stepped in it here. Guess the Alaskans who claimed Sarah holds a grudge and likes revenge weren’t lying after all. What an embarrassment.

    • Truth101

      You are the only crazy one.

  • hesnotmypresident

    Oh please! The guy was a POS who stalked a family (did we forget Piper is a little kid as is trig? How scary could this have been to poor piper) and used all of them, including the children to make money. He is a pig, and scumbag. Not just because I am a fan of Sarah and her family, but because it is a horrible thing to do period. If you want to use info already out there fine, but renting a house next door to stalk someone is sick. I hope he chokes on whatever he made of his book, it would be poetic justice for the invasion of the Palin’s privacy and the terror he probably put them through knowing they can’t even go outside without this effin psycho watching. There is no defense of this freak, and anyone doing so, or buying his book are aholes just like he is.

    • GarColga

      Sarah made a big stink about him renting the property next door, otherwise few people would have known about it. Sarah doesn’t know when to shut up, and she gave McGinniss tons of free publicity.

      • Truth101

        Look at the creep. Would you want that creep living next store to you knowing he is going to write a hit piece on you and your family?

        What the hill is wrong with you?

  • hesnotmypresident

    Oh, and so what if she holds a grudge? If a guy stalked me, pretended to be my friend and turned on me, my ass would have a grudge too. At least Sarah went after this lunatic in a classy way. If I told you what I would have done, I would be in jail. As far as friends and family lying to the guy, how do we know he didn’t twist their words, he was obviously missing a screw or something! That’s another thing, you can bet your rosy red ass the people who did do that if it is proven they did, would never get near me again. Forgiveness may be devine, but I an not looking for Brownie Points with the guy upstairs so they would be crap outta luck!

  • jessica

    The same house that Joe McGinnis rented used to be a halfway house drug addicted men. Were there hysterial screams of “Stalker” then? Apparently, male drug addicts peering into Piper’s bedroom don’t pose nearly as much as a threat to Momma Grizzly and the Palin clan as journalists that don’t adore them.

    • Truth101

      Were they writing a book of disgusting lies about a family? McCreepy is scum of the earth and anybody that defends such scum is scum.

  • bellagrazi

    Wow. Just wow. Joe McGinniss has no soul. He sold it for fame and fortune. I don’t know if Jeffrey MacDonald is guilty or innocent. But I do know that the Palin’s are a good, decent family who were stalked mercilessly by this creep. He will pay for his sins one day. God bless you and your family, Bristol.

  • GarColga

    When did McGinniss ever “spy” on your family? Despite your mom’s nasty insinuations nothing like that ever happened. In Sarah Palin’s Alaska your mom was sure spying on him though.

    • Truth101

      You are a freckin joke.

  • Reallynow

    I’m glad to see this story. I’ts been many years since reading Fatal Vision. I just bought another copy. A fantastic read! And for anyone who thinks this McDonald is innocent, and that some “crazed drugged up hippies” did it, well….you would probably believe O.J. Simpson is innocent too.

    I’m sure that this book will once again be flying off the shelves thanks to Sarah. Publicity is publicity. Joe should send her a bouquet of flowers for this!

    • Truth101

      I think the Morris book will be flying off the shelves. I think by now everybody knows that McCreepy is scum.