What Abortion Looks Like

What Abortion Looks Like May 8, 2014

Matt Walsh has an amazing post.  He had the guts to do what I feared doing when I posted this and this.

It’s time for all of us to understand that we are at war, and lives are at stake.

The enemy — the self-worshipping death cult known as modern liberalism — has become increasingly vile, violent, and deceitful, and so we must become increasingly bold, fearless, and aggressive in our response.

If you don’t believe me, consider this video.

Before you click on that link, I should warn you of its contents. It depicts a woman named Emily Letts — self described ‘patient advocate’ — getting an abortion. Now, Emily’s clip does not show any of the possibly less palatable aspects of hiring a contract killer to murder your child. Instead, it shows her smiling and giggling about how she got pregnant but ‘wasn’t ready for a baby.’ The portion where she actually gets the abortion only gives a glimpse of her face, as she chuckles and goes on about how ‘lucky’ she is, and how ‘supportive’ all of her abortion doctors have been.

It’s funny, I suppose murderers tend to be ‘supportive’ when you pay them 400 dollars to do what they do best.

When the ‘procedure’ is completed, Emily says “cool!” and is wheeled out of the room, childfree and grinning from ear to ear.

“I’m done! YAY!”

She laughs and celebrates as if she’d just gotten a tattoo, or her belly button pierced.

Of course, she has been applauded to showing people that “abortion doesn’t hurt.”  She got an award for de-stigmatizing abortion. It “doesn’t have to be scary,” they said.    But Matt Walsh says that her YouTube didn’t REALLY show what abortion looks like.

I read through some of it, and one particular quote jumped out at me. Emily explained her decision to capture the murder of her first born on video, saying this:

“We talk about abortion so much and yet no one really knows what it actually looks like.”

Nobody knows what it looks like?

I think some people know. And the people who know, know that it looks nothing like that pretty little video Emily Letts put together.

I don’t usually resort to this tactic, but I find it necessary to combat this particularly insidious bit of propaganda with the truth. The raw truth. The brutal truth about a brutal thing.

Now that Emily has given us her version of abortion, allow me to paint a slightly different picture.

Then, he links to photos with descriptions that I had to see through squinting eyes.  But we owe it to the babies that are dying even as I type this to TELL THE TRUTH when psychopaths like Emily are spreading tragic lies.

Matt was brave enough to post what abortion really looks like.


Click here for the truth.

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