Classy: Abortion Activist Slams Paraplegic Opponent

Classy: Abortion Activist Slams Paraplegic Opponent January 22, 2014

Andrew Stiles reports that abortion activist Wendy Davis has decided to deal with the lies she has apparently told about herself by attacking her paraplegic Republican opponent:

Davis, who is quoted multiple times in the article, issued a statement after its publication suggesting that her Republican opponent, Greg Abbott, was behind the “attacks.”

Davis said that for Abbott, who has been a paraplegic for nearly three decades, to question her story proves that he “hasn’t walked a day in my shoes.”

I guess we should be surprised that a woman who struggles to preserve the right to kill babies will also casually be mean to paraplegics?

Read her full statement here.

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  • RecklessConservative

    Quick, someone get her a shovel….she wore the first one out digging that hole..

  • VL123

    WAAAAA…shut up victim. lol…

  • Stephanie

    Ms. Davis is a terrible woman. I hope that Texans aren’t fooled into voting her into office. I pray for her healing and conversion to Christ.

    • Sheila

      she is the only hope for your state.

  • $3838536

    Gosnell groupie Wendy Davis is a liar & a phony. Typical liberal Democrat.

    • moemoll

      He guessed people’s skin color?

  • edawg90 .

    When you get caught in a lie…it’s not sexism, moron…How sexist is it to use your husband to pay for your education and then dump him as soon as he pays the last payment? OH SHIIIIIIII…Did I just mess up your vision of Abortion Barbie?

  • David

    If Wendy Davis gets any lower, she will be flat on her belly like a snake.

    • MouseFanSal

      It is odd she’d misrepresent such specific things about her life. I mean, I can’t judge her, but she’s attempted to start a new wave in Texas.

      Or are we asking way too much of our leaders? Are we still expecting perfection and inhuman qualities, when in reality, none of the current people in the political climate at any level are above such flaws and pretty much all have commit big wrongs.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Wendy Davis is the poster child for the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.
    Extremely vile.

  • Michael Cummings

    I honestly thought a democratic leader would at least be more democratic. Apparently it is a party of freebies and lawlessness. Absolutely no class, that’s true. This is bad true (worse the thought she’d still be elected, and worse still that Hilarity could have half a chance at president -a family of drug dealers) but with all the whistleblowers exposing criminal acts of our government and a president whose only oath to office was to protect the Constitution (which he blatantly disregards) as terrible as this it’s not even the worst thing I’ve heard today.
    Yes God bless Greg Abbott. He couldn’t deserve to be disrespected like this. Ok I stand corrected.

  • Sheila

    you are such a loser, Bristol. You are no role model.